David Empfield Reads from Love in the KGB | Vox Audio

This recording was made in a St. Paul basement with a washing machine for background. Consequently there are sound effects here that could not be improved upon. As the author explains, “As for the washing machine, it is ambient industrial backbeat, the heartbeat of the nation, the pulse of modern language itself, the carrier of water in a box, hewer of wood in a wire, the robot slave lurking in the background, &c &c.” For other installments of this novel, visit www.loveinthekgb.com

Recorded in St. Paul, MN, August 2008 by Lucas Pedersen. Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Photo by Stuart Loughridge. Copyright 2009 David Empfield and Vox Audio PO Box 594 Magdalena, NM 87825. Edited by Bruce Holsapple.



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