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by David Roskos

Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

Some of these poems first appeared in the following publications: Anti-Lawn, Ash, Long Shot, DIONYSOS, The Journal of Literature & Addiction, Bouillabaisse, Down Town, Half Dozen of the Other, Windo Panes, Flipside, The National Alliance, Lame Duck, Lost & Found Times, HEATHENzine, Quimby, Drive-by Books, Nerve Bundle Review, Jack & Jill (Off), The Energy of the Flesh. — Thanks Editors.

Matt Borkowski’s Father in the Hallow Moon used here as an epigraph, reprinted from Ball Peen No. 1.

Copyrite 1996 by Iniquity Press. ISBN 16877968-09-9

Cover by Lorin Hughes

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