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by John Richey

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This collection includes recent writings as well as poems previously published in Rolling Stone, Big Hammer, Half Dozen of the Other, and AlieNation (Unreadable Books, 1986). Art: Khue-Tu Nguyen, 1992. Photo: Lynn Forrest, 1992. For The Past Lifetime, 1992 by John Richey. ISBN-1-877968-06-4.

John Richey lives in New Jersey. He is lyricist of Lunar Bear Ensemble and word-collage, tape manipulator for Machine Gun.

Lunar Bear

began in the 80’s with John “Lunar” Richey reciting verse along side multi-percussionist Richard “Bear” Graham. Lunar Bear performed often at Rutgers and in NYC (Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, Life Cafe). Lunar teamed up with the Billy Snow’s band, Young Turks, while continuing to do duets with Bear during the 80’s.  When Billy left for England, terminating the Turks, – Bear and Lunar formed the Lunar Bear Ensemble. During this time, Robert Musso asked Lunar to join Machine Gun – a NYC Jazz/Avant unit – as the tape manipulating sound and word collagist. Machine Gun released three CD’s which recieved rave press reviews (Rolling Stone/ Spin) and frequently toured of the East Coast. Machine Gun’s final performance was at Holland’s Jazz Marathon in 1995.  Upon Bear’s departure to Memphis the Ensemble continued as the Lunar Ensemble. In 2007 they released “OffBeat” and in 2008 they released “Acts of Love” During the 90/2000 Lunar performed with one or more musicians at many readings in NYC (Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, The New Museum, The New Music Gallery, Context & Mothe)r. Many of the times the musician had been Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright) who works so well in creating “soundscape” collaborations. Much more on Lunar Bear Ensemble and John Richey can be found here…


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