Dominik Strycharski | Ksawery Wójciński | Paweł Szpura | Prophetic Fall | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2014 | MW 914-2 | CD

Dominik Strycharski – blockflutes, sopilka | Ksawery Wójciński – bass | Paweł Szpura – drums

All music: Prophetic Fall. Recorded at Quality Studios, Warsaw. Produced and mixed and mastered by Dominik Strycharski

Tracklist: 1. Ecactly Confused [04:31] 2. Because We Do [03:30] 3. Kiss Me [03:25] 4. Please Fix It [12:21] 5. I Was Asking [06:23] 6. So Nobody Will Come [04:03] 7. I Coudn’t Resist [03:10] 8. I Could [02:33]


Photo by Filip Gerczycki

Dominik Strycharski

(born 1975) – Composer, Recorder player, Singer, Improviser, Performer, Teacher and Writer. Plays and composes contemporary jazz in many electric and acoustic incarnations, contemporary music, electronic music, music for the theatre, post-hip-hop, noise as well as various types of improvised music in his own Pulsarus Band, Prophetic Fall and Organic Panic Quartett. He also works with contemporary vocal techniques, and as one of the few in Poland plays improvised and jazz music on modern recorders/blockflutes. Some of the recent projects:Pulsarus, Doministry Solo, Prophetic Fall, Organic Panic, Torque Mechanics, Myriad Duo, Strycharski Mazurkiewicz Duo, Bytom. Music composed for the Theatre

Recorded over 20 albums with many different projects and bands. Composed music for over 70 theatre plays, dance shows, films and various audiovisual projects. Pulsarus has recorded 4 albums since 2005: Digital Freejazz issued by Tone Industria. Squared Rotoscope with Tomasz Gwincinski for Tone Industria, FAQ for Biodro Records with Mikolaj Trzaska, Adam Pieronczyk, Wojciech Waglewski, and Jan Peszek. The band played among other venues on Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Avant Festival, Art Depot, Slot Art Festival, Transvisualia, Cinema on the Border, the Malta Festival in Berlin, the Polish Cultural Center, Era New Horizons, in Recklinghausen and in many clubs as well. In 2014 the fourth “Bee Itch” album appeared with a completely new 7 piece lineup for a new For Tune Records company.

He is widely recognized as the creator of theatre music. He made music for many theater productions utilizing a great number of genres and styles for Michal Zadara, Wojciech Klemm, Lukasz Kos, Katarzyna Raduszynska, Anna Badora, Jan Peszek, Wojtek Urbanski, Grazyna Kania and Natalia Soltysik.

He also creates Doministry, multi-dimensional solo project that combines contemporary electronic music, performance and electro-ambient. This project is developed with the voice and its total electronic transformation. Improvisation plays a very important role in the project, open to all possible influences and concepts. With a DJ and producer CueFx he co-creates BandFx which has already released its debut album in the internet label, and was a member of Kostas New Progrram and has released three albums and played many concerts with it. He was one of the core members of experimental group RhPlus and recorded 4 albums with the band.

Since 2001, as a composer and performer was part of Bretoncaffe Theatre, which was awarded several times (including three times the Ministry of Culture). Theatre performances created by the group: “Lustro”, “Slam.In”, “S-nic”, “Slam.Out”, “T.Raum”, “Smuggy”, “Opera Toffi”, “Manifest Jaszczurki”, „Dion.Is.Us”, „Agave”). Presented regularly on Polish and international festivals (Germany including Berlin and Tallinn, Paris, Budapest, Prague). He cooperates with Teatr Akt creating live music for 2 of their shows with DJ Hiroszyma.


Ksawery Wojciński

Bassist, composer and singer. Born in 1983. A versatile musician with a great sensitivity to sound. Not afraid to experiment. His interests range from early music to most sophisticated improvised contemporary music. He has performed around the world. He is also known for his vocal experiments.


Photo by Jan Bebel

Paweł Szpura

is a Warsaw-based drummer, strongly connected with the Pardon, To Tu club scene. Although Szpura has not attended any music school, up to now, he has already played with such masters as: Peter Brotzmann, Pheeroan akLaff, Hamid Drake, Nicole Mitchell, and Maria Raducanu. Moreover, one can dare to say that in 2013 Paweł Szpura was the most sought-after sideman in Poland: the list of his collaborators seems never ending.

Szpura’s style is distinctive. Rooted in rock from the sixties and the seventies, his rhythm is a kind of a weave between various, and often very distant, musical heritages: rock, free jazz, Arabic, African, Turkish, Jewish, Romanian… The extraordinary talent of Paweł Szpura allows him not only compile these traditions –to braid them into a cohesive entity– but at the same time lets him react naturally and astonishingly fast with other artists. In 2012, Szpura –along with a bunch of young Polish musicians– had the definitive honour to play in a chamber music orchestra “Arche New Music Ensemble” on Nicole Mitchell’s album Arc of O (Rouge Art). As many musicians at the moment, Szpura also performs on special occasions, such as the 10th Jubilee of the Planete + DOC Film Festival or “UkraPol” concert last year.


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