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ISBN 978-1-929878-03-1

First edition. Lummox Press PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733 Printed in the United States of America. Some of these poems have been previously published in these magazines: 2 River View, AntiMuse, Blue Collar Review, Chiron Review, Concrete Meat Press, FIRE, Flashquake, Gnome, Guerilla Poetics Project, Instant Pussy, Lunatic Chameleon, Meat , Naked Knuckle, New York Quarterly, Outsider Writers, Over The Transom, Poems For All, Red Hills Review, Remark, Underground Voices, Word Riot, Words Dance, Zygote in My Coffee, Dogmatika, Coffee House Poetry #6, Broadside #12; A little poetry, Hecale, Forget You Books, Zeitgeist Press, Flashquake, Raw Art Press, Beat Museum , Word Riot, AntiMuse, Kendra Steiner Editions, Sisters of the Page, Rusty Truck… We also apologize to any magazines we may have forgotten to mention.

“Writing the infinite in plainspoken English… William Taylor Jr. wonderfully weaves everyday happenings with fluid sounds and clear visions along with that little something extra that can be read and savored time and again.” — Raymond Hammond, New York Quarterly

“Bell’s poems tend to turn over the smallest stones of experience and find new possibilities underneath. His poems uncover a darkness as well as a simple beauty in everyday life.” -– William Taylor Jr.

“Ms Chavez has, more than any other poet I’ve read in recent memory, made a real case for the validity of poetry in the 21st century.” -– John Sweet

“Christopher Robin is a true survivor. His poems were not written in an ivory tower but on the road, in a Section 8 apartment, at the carnival, in the depths of hell. Christopher Robin is an ebullient son of a gun and I’m very glad to know him.” -– Misti Rainwater Lites

MK Chavez writes about the beauty that can be found in ugliness. She has three chapbooks Virgin Eyes, (Zeitgeist Press) and Visitation, and Next Exit #9 with john sweet (Kendra Special Editions.) You can find out about her up coming publications at

Christopher Cunningham lives with his lady and his dogs in various reclusive states at a variety of undisclosed locations. He’s published some books of poetry and letters, the latest of which are A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness (Propaganda Press, 2008) and the forthcoming Sunlight At Midnight, Darkness At Noon: The Cunningham/McCreesh Letters, 2002 (Orange Alert Press, 2009). Find him at http://savageheavens.

Father Luke waits with the woman he loves for a perfect world. You may find him at

Hosho McCreesh hails from the vast gypsum and caliche deserts of the American Southwest. He maintains his sanity by writing, painting, and loving Ms. Babineaux. Recent books are available from Bottle of Smoke Press, Sunnyoutside and Orange Alert Press; broadsides available via Sore Dove Press and 10pt Press. Additional information and occasional updates can be found at:

Christopher Robin is a small publisher, laborer, and traveler from Santa Cruz, CA. In 1999 his friend published his first chapbook for him: Who Will Pay the Royalties for the Voices in My Head? His other chapbooks include Freaky Mumbler’s Manifesto and the most recent, Angelflies In My IdiotSoup published by Platonic3Way Press. He has published Zen Baby zine, a pseudo literary train-wreck in print form, since the year 2000. His other interests include swap meets, gambling, coffee, and adult swim cartoons.

William Taylor Jr. lives in San Francisco with his wife and a cat named Trouble. His work has been widely published in the independent press and across cyberspace in such publications as Poesy, Anthills and The New York Quarterly. His poetry has twice been nominated for a Pushcart prize. The Hunger Season, a book of new poems, is due from Sunnyoutside in Fall 2009. His previous books include So Much is Burning (Sunnyoutside, 2006) and Words For Songs Never Written: New and Collected Poems (Centennial Press, 2007).

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