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Dione Ardania – vocals | Jay Arseneult – electric bass | Vonn Scott Bair – vocals | Geoff Ball – vocals | Heather Bradley – vocals | Ronnie Camaro – electric bass | Lisa Cooper – vocals | Ed Daranciang – electric guitar | Rich Doucette – esrag | Darren Donahue – electric guitar | Brandon Foust – percussion | Blind Lemon Glickman (Steve Gigante) – guitar, vocals | Jesse Hix – standup bass, contrabass, percussion, vocals | Carl Horne – electric bass | Warren Huegel – percussion | Olivar Kobar – national guitar | Matt Kyte – triangle, percussion, keyboards, vocals | Floyd Labar – vocals | Jeanette Labar – vocals | Bill O ‘Mahony – electric guitar | Peter Martin – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, clarinet, keyboards, percussion | Jon Meyer – vocals | Yevlac Nad – percussion | Rahul Parson – acoustic and electric guitar | Tim Parker -slide guitar | Perrish – trumpet, vocals | Geoff Reed – drums and percussion | Karen Schumacher – violin | Ches Smith – drums and percussion | Nina Sprick – vocals | Molly Tascone – vocals | Scott Thiessen – electric guitar | Taylor Walker – electric bass | Pat Vasta – vocals

All music composed by Peter J. Martin, except “Ezekial Inchworm” written from a jam by PJM and Steve Gigante. Trumpet line on “Freak Out and Die” by Perrish.

Co-produced by Peter J. Martin and Jon Meyer. Mixed with Herculean-patience by Jon Meyer. Mastered by Jory Prum. Graphics and artwork by PJM.

Tracklist: 1. Sunny’s Up All Night 2. Freak Out And Die 3. Cough Up The Life Units 4. Lip-synching At Zero Gravity 5. Piecemeal 835 Blooze 6. Camaro By Moonlight 7. Ezekial Inchworm 8. Cahoozle Blooze 9. Camaro by Starlight 10. There Ain’t No Reason 11. Twiddle 12. Chickenhead Goes Amok 13. Ronnie Camaro Goe To College pts. 1-3 14. Where Do You Bleed? 15. Outro-Repurgence 16. Calling Mr. Stratosphere

Eddie the Rat

is the pseudonym for composer and multi-instrumentalist, Peter Martin. Starting in 2000 as a one-man electro-acoustic experiment in sound and composition, within a year Martin’s vision evolved into a performing group bearing the same name. During the first two years of the group’s existence, the ensemble usually consisted of no less than 12 members and included members of 7 year rabbit cycle, Secret Chiefs, Zen Guerrilla, and others. “Insomnia Sound Bible” is a recording of the shorter songs that were being played alongside larger scale pieces in the group’s live sets at this time.

Insomnia Sound Bible

is the songbook to a sleepwalker’s guide through oblivion. Its soundscape is made of violins and cellos, trumpets and clarinets, lots of percussion and homemade instruments, and telepathic harmonizing and other voices. As with all Eddie the Rat recordings, the intention is for the CD to be listened to as a whole, however, these are songs which can also be taken in their own context.

True to its name, this collection of songs really does evoke the feeling of wandering about within one’s own psyche, the fleeting glimpses of so many disorganized thoughts playing tantalizingly across the mind’s eye in a dream-like state from which one cannot escape. Blissfully bizarre! – Ian Hall, Chain DLK

The sort of album I can curl up with next to the fire–or shoot straight into my veins for a pure rush. It’s really cool when an album can do so much at once. – J. Worley, Aiding & Abetting

Most of what’s on display here more closely resembles the hallucinatory sound of wave transmissions from the dream world. This is abstract music for those crossing the threshold between the waking world and the inner landscape of dreams, with all the peculiar logic and mystery that such a juxtaposition entails.  – RKF, Dead Angel

A lot of sonic ideas are crammed into these sixteen tracks, each a completecsoundscape that works to form a complete whole environment…Driven by homemade instruments, woodwinds and percussion, along with at times haunting vocals and harmonies, any of the tracks are rich and effecting… – Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis

Everyone involved here is experimenting as can be seen for example with the vocals in “Freak Out and Die” (kind of Robert Plant-ish in some parts). Different tempos and different structures are developed here creating different worlds of experimentation on each tune, Every tune here is a surprise for the listener and a showcase of good musicianship and originality. A release that is totally recommended. – Music Extreme

In each piece we find strange breaks and twists… Eddie the Rat is a promising project of theatrical and dramatical potencies. – Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

…sounds of another world, the devil a sevenheaded-Martin, said, you know from stories through music and the disc comes to have moments of very high level. – Eduardo Chagas, Jazz e Arredores

Fans of Residents, Shockabilly, other demented artists who twist perfectly “normal” instruments into anything but. Improv feel at times, overall demented abuse of guitars, trumpets, male and female vocals. Smarmy burlesque tones, pots and pans dirtiness a la Pussy Galore or Nick Cave doing dishes. Moments of Lemon Kittens, Danielle Dax. Definitely very strange stuff from these local favorites. – KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford CA

It’s as if Captain Beefheart, Zappa and Tom Waits all took hits from the same bong and got together for an impromptu jam session. – Sea of Tranquility


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