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Pablo Ledesma – soprano sax | Enzo Rocco – guitar

Great fine instantaneous music from this excellent duo! Recorded live at Conservatorio de Musica Gilardo Gilardi and at Bachillerato de Bellas Artes/UNLP, La Plata, Argentina. Pablo Ledesma has a long career that brought him to play with musicians such B. Morris, H. Greene, W. Mathews, B. Rainey, R. Weber, C. A. Dato, G. Lenoci, A. Fernàndez, P. Hollinger, E. Dean, L.Coxhill, P. Hession, J. Edwards, S. Waterman, Teatro Argentino Orchestra and many more. Guitarist Enzo Rocco has also a long career as improviser and composer. He plays, among others, with C. A. Dato, G. Schiaffini, S. Noble, J. Edwards, L. Coxhill, T. Bancrofti.

Tracklist: 01 _ Snapshot 4:55 02 _ La Tos 17:28 03 _ La Voz 7:26 04 _ La Desesperacion Y El Juego 3:53 05 _ Caza Menor 8:56 06 _ Bellas Artes 25:26

Tracks 1-5 recorded live at concervatorio de musica gilardo gilardi, la plata, argentina, june 10th 2009. Track 6 recorded live at bachillerato de bellas artes / unip la plata, argentina, june 1st 2009. Mixed by enzo rocco and luca angelini at quinta stazione production. Photography by stefano ferrian. Graphic design by stefano guist.

Enzo Rocco

Jazz and irony, world music and amusement, dance and improvisation: the music of the “wacky Italian” guitarist Enzo Rocco is a mix of contemporary jazz, free improvisation and folk music from all around the world always dressed with that generous amount of humour and of sense of theatre that always make so tasty his shows.

After the eight-years experience of the TUBATRIO – his own group with Giancarlo Schiaffini (one of the fathers of the Italian free-jazz) on trombone/tuba and Ettore Fioravanti on drums (historical member of the Paolo Fresu Quintet) – Rocco conducts the new, ironic, fresh EPPI TRIO with Simone Mauri (clarinets) and Francesco D’Auria (percussions). Besides he continues to play all around the world in the humoristic duet born in 1997 with CARLO ACTIS DATO (elected by Down Beat as one of the best world baritone sax players in the world). In 2009 the two musicians also created the ACTISROCCOQUARTET (first concert at the “Jazz à Carthage” festival) featuring the TUBA player Fiorenzo Gualandris.

From ’99 collaboration with LOL COXHILL and VERYAN WESTON – cd “London Gigs” – and other English musicians. On October 2003 first tour (in Latin America) for the ITALIAN SONG PROJECT, a quartet born by a commission of the Italian Cultural Istitute in Buenos Aires and dedicated to the arrangement of the most famous Italian songs. From Janyuary 2004 also a duo with the Scottish drummer TOM BANCROFT, winner of the 2007 BBC Jazz on 3 Innovation Award, was born thanks to the suggestion of the director of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival (concerts in some important festivals in UK: London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cheltenham, etc.).

From Febryary 2005 a new FRENCH TRIO purchased by the “Cri du Port” of Marseille with FREDERIC MONINO (el. bass) and BRUNO TOCANNE (drums). Of course he is always active with top improvisers from everywhere, from Latin America to Japan… “Jazz = funky/neapolitan/electronic/blues mixed with verdi’s/heavy metal/opera mixed with russian/yodel/waltz of santo domingo mixed with an hard japanese noise- lullaby sang by an italian romantic crooner…” As a leader of his own groups he has performed in festivals and clubs in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Northern Africa, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay.

Rocco’s CDs have been reviewed all over the world: Musica Jazz, Jazzit, Ritmo, Drum Club, Guitar Club, Cadence, Coda, All About Jazz, All Music Guide to Jazz, The Improvisor, Improjazz, Jazzman, Jazz Magazine, Cuadernos de Jazz, Jazz Hihyo (Japan), Jazz Quadrat (Russia) and a lot of websites, radios, newspapers and magazines in Europe, Usa, Japan, New Zealand, Latin America.

Pablo Ledesma

studied saxophone and chamber music with Ruben Flores at the “Gilardo Gilardi” La Plata Provincial Conservatory . Composition, counterpoint, harmony and piano at La Plata National University with maestros Gerardo Gandini and Julio Viera,Virtu Maragno, Sergio Hualpa,Graciela Rassini, Enrique Càmara.

During 1983 studied with saxophonist Bernardo Baraj. From 1985 to 1996 played all the editions of “International Mardel Jazz Festival” working with Africans and Europeans musicians. He was member of “Bucky Arcella trio” and ethnic-jazz group “Alfombra Magica” playing in recordings, concerts and festivals. From 1991 is playing regularly, like soloist, with Teatro Argentino Orchestra from La Plata in concerts and ballets works by: Bizet, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Bernstein , Prokofieff , Kodaly, Moussorsky, etc. He was a member of “Conduction 104” a creation directed by “Butch” Morris in Buenos Aires Experimenta ..98. During Experimenta ..99 played “Prima Vista” by Mauricio Kagel. From 1995 he is working with “P. Ledesma Project” a group of musicians with multi-directional concepts ranging free-form to standards and originals. UK Tour 2001 with Anglo-Argentine Quartet (London, Leeds, Cardiff, Newcastle, Lancaster, Norwich, Oxford) Germany 2004 Berlin concerts with Mono Hurtado and Guillermo Gregorio UK 2006- London and Oxford Hollywell Music Room concerts Professor of saxophone at “Gilardo Gilardi” Provincial Conservatory. Professor of Improvisation at Bellas Artes High School of La Plata National University.

Played and recorded with: “Butch” Morris, Hilliard Greene, Wadde Mathews and Bhob Rainey (USA), Reto Weber (Switzerland), Nana Twun Nketia (Ghana), Erling Kroner and Per Goldschmidt (Denmark), Enzo Rocco, Carlo Actis Dato, Alberto Mandarini and Gianni Lenoci (Italy) , Josep Mas “Kitflus”, Manel Camp and Agustì Fernàndez (Spain), Peter Hollinger (Deutchsland), George Haslam, Elton Dean, Lol Coxhill, Paul Hession, John Edwards, Steve Waterman (England), Don Burrows (Australia), Rodolfo Mederos, Daniel Binelli , Gustavo Bergalli, Quique Sinesi, Matias Gonzalez , Guillermo Gregorio, Edgardo Beilin , Mono Hurtado, Pocho Lapouble ,Walter Malosetti , Litto Nebbia , Ruben Rada , Cesar Franov , Guillermo Vadala ,Horacio Lòpez,Osvaldo Lòpez, Carlos Lastra , Bucky Arcella , Negro Gonzalez , Alejandro Herrera , Ricardo Nole.

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