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Our 15 Minutes of Honky Tonk Fame

Los BUBBADINOS: Mark Weaver — tuba * Ken Keppeler — accordions, banjo, violin, mandolin, harmonica, jawharp,vocals * Manny Rettinger — sound * Mark Weber — guitar & song & tambourine * Bubba D — lapsteel, electronics & bass flute * Stefan Dill — flamenco guitars & hubcaps.

Guest BUBBADINOS Gretchen Parlato — song * Jon Baldwin — cornet * David Parlato — bass * Lee Taylor — clarinet

Recorded, mixed & mastered at UBIK Sound, Albuquerque, New Mexico, during 1997. SPECIAL THANKS to Tommy Guralnick, Cookie Marenco, Bill Plake, Jeff Bryan, KUNM, Paula Mayhew (for the “lyrics” to Battlehymn), and as always to my Janet.

Tracklist: 1.) Wade in the Water 2.) Country Song 3.) If You Got The Money 4.) South of the Border 5.) Pancho & Lefty 6.) Swing Low Sweet Chariot 7.) Lost Highway 8.) Tennessee Waltz 9.) Key to the Highway 10.) Jingle Jangle 11.) I Am aPilgrim 12.) Shenandoah 13.) Pistol Packin Mama 14.) Farewell, Farewell 15.) Red River Valley 16.) Pastures of Plenty 17.) Wild Mountain Thyme 18.) Amazing Grace 19.) Cotton Fields 20.) Battle Hymn of the Republic 21.) What a Friend We Have in Jesus 22.) Wing & a Prayer 23.) Lord Knows I’m Drinkin 24.) Wings of a Dove 25.) Battle Hymn of the Playground 26.) You Ain’t Goin Nowhere 27.) Camptown Races 28.) Bringing in the Sheaves 29.) Rock of Ages 30.) St. James Infirmary 31.) Way South of the Border

“Every town in America has half a dozen prettified country bands but no place on Earth is there a band like the Bubbadinos.” — Mark Weber

Mark Weber | 27 feb 1999 | Photo: James Gale

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One thought on “The Bubbadinos | Ready As We’ll Ever Be | Zerx

  1. At the very first Bubbadinos recording session, the very first song we recorded (with no rehearsal) was “Wade in the Water”. After we played the song, Mark asked the engineer (Manny), to play it back, which he did. After the playback a hush fell over the room, and then Ken (Keppeler) said “Well, there goes my credibility as a folk musician.”

    J.A. Deane

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