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Genoa Sound Cards | Edition number seven by amirani records is Genoa Sound Cards

Sounds are like dancing souls in these deeply experienced promenades through Genoa places and rows and docks and voices. Archaic hungarian Tàrogatò surprising tone played in a contemporary attitude by Esther Lamneck finds in Claudio Lugo’s curved soprano sax the perfect partner to melt their horns with the living humours of the town sounds. Recorded live in the streets and on the docks. Beautiful video track by Roberto Merani, filming the transformation and the evolution of this magic sea town, adds fresh and nostalgic sights, a sort of keen sounding image. Deep feeling work!

Esther Lamneck | tarogatò | Claudio Lugo | curved soprano saxophone

2273510849_fa6a3083fd_mTracklist: 1. Cortile Maggiore die Palazzo Ducale (promende) 2. Munizioniere die Palazzo Ducale (promenade) 3. Area Banchi, vico Mele (promenade) 4. Loggia della Mercanzia (promenade) 5. Casa Paganini – auditorium 6. Casa Paganini – foyer (promenade) 7. Porto – esterno docks 8. Porto – edificio in ristrutturazione (promenade) 9. Sagrato di S. Maria di Castello 10. Porto, edificio in ristrutturazione (videoclip)

c r e d i t s: Recorded live in Genoa, july 2006. Sound engineer: Claudio Lugo. | Executive producer: Claudio Lugo. | Photos: Roberto Merani. | Graphics: Roberto Merani, Mirko Spino. | English version: Fulvio Giglio

Please note that the download version of the videoclip (track 10) is an MPEG-4, size: 1280 x 720, aspect: 16:9 – 1248kps. The sound is AAC, 44100hz with a bitrate of 256

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