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The duo is translucent and light formula, first communication nucleus, distance to live, exploration of a moment-built spaces. Duo is a pure modality, where catching inner voices, subtle tones moves. Sanding tones, sculpted light, earthquake’s delight. Dialogical to welcome and fuse the silences with sounds. Two instruments, a soprano sax and a trombone, without any rhythmic or harmonic support, played with a contemporary attitude, in a composed and improvised score, including originals and a couple of tunes by Steve Lacy two sounds, friends & enemies, two sides: instinctive & direct vs elegant & mindy, really blade runners.

Gianni Mimmo & Angelo Contini - Two's Days / TuesdaysTrack list: 1. Solve 2. Naufrage 3. Riletto 4. Approach 5. Feline 6. Emperor of the Ice Cream 7. Insects 8. Art 9. Lost Signal 10. Echo’s Bone 11. Alba

Credits: June 04 | Murec Studio, Milano , Italy | sound engineer: Paolo Falascone | accurate remix: Lorenzo Dal Ri | cover photo: Doc Ross | other photos: Elda Papa | graphics: Mirko Spino | Production: Amirani Records.

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