Harvey Sorgen | Steve Rust | Michael Jefry Stevens | Decade | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2005 | MW 762-2 | CD

Harvey Sorgen – drums | Steve Rust – bass | Michael Jefry Stevens – piano

Recorded in July 2003. Studio: The Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, NY, USA. Engineers: Paul Antonell and Sean Price. Produced by Harvey Sorgen and Steve Rust. Cover photo by Bartosz Winiarski. All music by Michael Jefry Stevens (GEMA), Harvey Sorgen and Steve Rust. Published by Bloozy Publishing (BMI)

Tracklist: 1. Black Dome [03:46] 2. The Master Cylinder [03:44] 3. Trialectic [05:40] 4. Ralibar’s Lament [02:20] 5. Dinosaur Arms [01:33] 6. According to Hoyle [01:30] 7. Reverie [03:57] 8. The Firmament [04:43] 9. Even Stevens [03:10] 10. Domicile [04:27] 11. Extension Chord [04:48] 12. Pendulum [03:07] 13. Paved with Good Intentions [02:36] 14. Speaking in Tongues [09:04] Total Time: 55:02

Michael Jefry Stevens | Photo by Krzysztof Penarski

Michael Jefry Stevens

Over the past 35 years Pianist/Composer Michael Jefry Stevens has been associated with some of the most important figures in modern jazz. Beginning with his first CD release in 1991 as a member of Mark Whitecage’s Liquid Time Group, Mr. Stevens has been in the forefront of the NYC improvised music scene. Between 1988-1990 he co-led the now legendary “Mosaic Sextet” with Dave Douglas. This group included Mark Feldman on violin, Michael Rabinowitz on bassoon, and the rhythm section of Harvey Sorgen on drums and Joe Fonda on bass. Their “Today This Moment” CD release on Konnex Records and re-release on GM Recordings is considered one of the classic modern jazz recordings of the 1990’s. This rhythm section went on to become the nucleus for Mr. Stevens working quartet the Fonda/Stevens Group. Since the quartet’s inception in 1993, the Fonda/Stevens Group has released 10 cds, repeatedly toured Europe and is one of the premier working modern jazz groups on the international scene. Mr. Stevens also began a very fruitful and fulfilling relationship with Leo Records with his duo “Haiku” CD release in 1994, featuring Mark Feldman on violin. These piano/violin improvisations proved to be a pivotal link between Mr. Stevens work in both the composed and improvised music worlds. Mr. Stevens has currently released nine cd’s on Leo Records, including “Elements” with bassist Dominic Duval, and “Twelve Improvisations” with the Fonda/Stevens Group. To date he has released over 60 cds.

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