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Rent Romus – alto sax | Jason Olaine – trumpet | Anna Gurski – vocals | Stefano DeZerega – Piano | Ben Leinbach – drums | Ernie Provencher – bass | Corin Stiggall – bass

Produced by Jazz on the Line, Edgetone Records Recorded on May 15th, July 22nd and 23rd 1991. Recording Engineer – Gradie O’Neal. Recorded and mixed at – TIKI Recording Studios 195 S. 26th St., San Jose, CA 95116. Sony 1630 submaster conversion – George Horn, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA. Mastered at – Alshire Custom Services P.O. Box 7107 Burbank, CA 91510. Cover Design – Sharon Gurski 908 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Management – Purse Management, Julie Bolen (408) 479-9412 Promotion- Aaron Repke (408) 335-3655. Special thanks to – Julie Bolen, Jesse DiFranco, Our Families, David Olaine, Dave, Linda, and Averee Repke, our anonymous benefactor, Sharon Gurski, and our faithful supporters and listeners.

Tracklist: 1. The Walk – Olaine [6:38] 2. 2 A.M. – Gurski [8:52] 3. Spirit Free – Gurski, DeZerega [4:40] 4. For the Brothers Be – Repke [4:15] 5. Soliloquy in Blue – Leinbach [6:42] 6. I Hold You Near – Leinbach [7:09] 7. Rain – Gurski, DeZerega [3:50] 8. Introspective Combustion – DeZerega [8:52] 9. F.S.U. – Leinbach [3:52] 10. Always Why – Olaine, DeZerega [4:42] 11. Lady Ash – Repke [4:42] 12. Mz. Berry – Repke [5:30] 13. Sweet Inspiration – Gurski, DeZerega [5:15]

Corin Stiggall – bass on “For the Brothers Be”, “Soliloquy in Blue”, “The Walk”, and “FSU”. Ernie Provencher – bass on all other selections

This is the first CD recording of the band founded by a then young Rent Romus

called Jazz on the Line released in 1991. This genre founding album featured a cross section of jazz with hints of pre-acid jazz that became the fad hitting the west coast during the mid-nineties. It featured Rent Romus during his college years at UC Santa Cruz as well as Jason Olaine who went on to become the driving force behind the success that is Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland California, Ben Leinbach who worked with artists such as Jai Utal and pianist and now doctorate and author Stefano Dezerega. This was also the debut recording for vocalist Anna Gurski.

Jazz on the Line is a unique voice

that spans the jazz idiom from bebop, to gospel and blues, to outer space. Their soulful and intense sound brings audiences of all ages and musical tastes together. In 1986 Jazz on the Line began as a group of young jazz musicians just starting college. Their homes range from the east coast in Boston to the west coast in Berkeley. All the members come from diverse musical teachings and backgrounds, but their need for a creative outlet brought them together with the same vision.

Jazz on the Line has developed a sound that combines each musicians individual identity. Their inspiration comes from the sweet styles of gospel to the hard driving swing of modern jazz. As author Neil Glasse put it, “No Boundries for this group means different jazz influences coming together. That is the line on which Jazz on the Line rides”.


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