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Jeff Platz – guitar | Fabio Delvo – saxophone | John McLellan – drums | Kit Demos – bass and electronics

All music 2013. Recorded and mixed by Jason Bitner at Q Division studios in Sommerville, Massachusetts. Mastered by Kevin Frenette in Randolf, Massachusetts. Produced by Skycap Records, Munster, Germany. Design by Holger Drees.

Differential Equations is the latest recording released on Skycap Records by Italian saxophonist Fabio Delvo and American guitarist Jeff Platz. Combining individual compositions with free improvisations the group captures the essential spirit of modern jazz music. Joined by drummer John Mclellan, bassist and modular synthesizer player Kit Demos the ensemble presents a uniquely fresh and futuristic listening experience.

Tracklist: 1. Carribean 04:19 2. Bell Clear 06:27 3. Bill Burroughs 06:48 4. Son of Clooney 05:09 5. Urla Libere 03:15 6. Sonar 05:39 7. IL Momento Guisto 03:29 8. What Phenomena! 02:57 9. Onde E Lamenti Dal Cosmo 04:25

Differential Equation: A mathematical formula to help determine the behavior of a complex system and to attempt to explain the functions of that system…

Well the way I see it after reading the actual definition of a differential equation is that its an attempt to define something that really can’t be defined? This is basically the definition of improvised music or at least the act of musical improvisation as I see it.. Assembling a group of musicians from diverse backgrounds and musical experiences and asking them to spontaneously compose is always a serious challenge. The process can either be highly rewarding or deeply frustrating at the end of each attempt. There are no real ground rules or road map, no set formula to follow. It’s all about listening and responding both technically and emotionally if possible. Very little planning can be discussed or considered beforehand. The lineup, which features myself and long time partners in angularity, Kit Demos and John McLellan, and here also joined by Italian alto saxophonist Fabio Delvo, brought a comfortable intensity to the session, which in the end we all felt pleasantly surprised and satisfied with. We rejoiced here in this musical moment, it’s not always the case but when it works, you’re thankful and possibly just a little closer to defining your own differential equation! Thanks for listening to our music. We hope you enjoy the recording. Much love! — Jeff Platz

jeff platz | kit demos | fabio delvo | john mclellan | differential equations | skycab music


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