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Betrayal’s Like That

Dark-side love poems.

A Vagabond Publication. (C) 2000 by John Bennett


Her tongue down my throat
Her fingers wrapped around my
One eye on the clock.
Spanking the monkey Until the time’s right To move on.
Without transition,
Love snuffed
With an assassin’s precision.
Where is my hitman
Who will mead retribution?
Where’s the ruby
To fill the setting
Where the
Once was?

from: Betrayal’s Like That by John Bennett

“Betrayal’s Like That ought to be required reading for sex education classes in high school.” — Doug Martensen

“There are some images in Betrayal’s Like That that are so sharp and real, I don’t have the words to comment on them.” — Glenn Starry

“Betrayal’s Like That is killer. I’m so impressed with this book that if you order it and you don’t agree with me, I’ll send you whatever you feel you overpaid.” — Joe Grant

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