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No portion of this book may be reproduced without express written permission of the author; except for purposes of review. ISBN 978-1-929878-09-3 | First edition. Lummox Press PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733 | Printed in the United States of America.

Some of these Shards and poems have appeared in the following hard-copy and on-line magazines and anthologies: Arabesque; Big Hammer; Black Rabbit Press; East/West; First Class; Heavy Bear; Measured Steps/Kirpan Press; Mystery Island; Ol Chanty; OpEd News; Outsider Writer; Private Poetry Line; Pudding House; Smoken Word (sic); Unlikely Stories

“John Bennett—a great writer of no category—as if the soul and brain and heart and balls of jack kerouac, maurice blanchot, paul valery and elsa lasker-schiller were reincarnated as one. But even that constellation won’t describe the ineffable rise of the authority of his moral center, lifting like a central valley tule fog burning off into some golden angel of sun rushing across/toward the indescribable clownface of history. — Edward Mycue, poet San Francisco

“The thing that continually fascinates me about your writing is the trueness of it: not just a ‘write what you know’ kind of trueness, but a permanently immediate truth, something you could put in a time capsule and it would still be just fine in a thousand years.” — Liz Druitt

“John Bennett never f**ks around and has sensitive, frank, disturbing things to say… he fills in the chinks in poetry-culture where the mice and owls live.” — EXQUISITE CORPSE Magazine

“Bennett’s books are tremendously readable… a kind of moral stamina alongside the capacity for sheer survival.” — Gretchen Johnsen, GARGOYLE MAGAZINE

JOHN BENNETT4641023957_efeb88d764_m writes with a tiny, fist-sized stuffed bear in sorcerer’s garb on top of his computer. Not too many years back he wrote on a wide-carriage manual typewriter. On the road he writes on legal pads and napkins. The bear is a gift from his granddaughter, a perceptive, jewel of a girl with laughing eyes. Veteran small-press poet and writer, editor and publisher of the legendary Vagabond Press. A brace of fine books to his credit, including the novel Bodo that came out in New York, London and Prague editions and got nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book of the Year Award. Go to the Hcolom Press web site for a complete listing of published books along with synopses and feedback: Began writing Shards in the mid-nineties and has never looked back.

John Bennett began writing Shards in the mid-nineties and has never looked back. Much more on John Bennett can be found by clicking here…

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