The Long Way Home | The Best Of the Little Red Book Series | 1998 – 2008 | E-Book

RD Armstrong (editor) © 2009

All Rights Reserved. ISBN 978-1-929878-04-8 | First edition. Lummox Press PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733 | | Printed by in the USA

The Lummox Press wishes to thank the estates of Philomene Long and John Thomas for permission to publish their poems, as well as, the editors of any magazines that these poems may have appeared in. Over the past ten years, the Lummox Press has published poetry / prose collections by these writers: RD Armstrong, Pris Campbell, Alan Catlin, Patricia Cherin, Leonard J. Cirino, Glenn Cooper, Rene Diedrich, Hugh Fox, Bill Gainer, Scott Holstad, Edward Jamieson Jr., Larry Jaffe, Marie Lecrivain, Frances LeMoine, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Philomene Long, Laura Joy Lustig, Errol Miller, Terry McCarty, Angela C. Mankiewicz, Todd Moore, Rebecca Morrison, BZ Niditch, normal, nila northSun, Rob Plath, Bill Shields, Rick Smith, Belinda Subraman, William Taylor Jr., John Thomas, Scott Wannberg, Patricia Wellingham- Jones, Mark Weber, Lawrence Welsh, Harry R. Wilkens, Lindsay Wilson, AD Winans, and Anita Wynn.

This sturdy series of little ‘books’ has been compared to the Pocket Poets series begun in the early 60s by City Lights Publishing and continues to delight audiences with the powerful imagery of the writers selected. As Laurel Speer (Beatlick News) wrote: “You can carry a Little Red Book in your coat pocket along with a passport. The passport will take you out of the country. The book will transport you out into the galaxy.”

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“The Little Red Books are a sturdy series.” — John Berbrich

“The presence of Lummox Press in San Pedro adds luster to the southern California literary scene, though Armstrong [editor/publisher], non-parochial, publishes a spectrum of writers from New York City westward. Other writers include Bill Shields, Laura Joy Lustig, Scott C. Holstad, normal, and William Taylor, Jr.” — Robert Peters

Bombed in New Mexico – A collection of poetry well worth reading. The Todd Moore half will pulverize something – if not your jaw, maybe your mind. Weber’s wacky imagination will keep you turning his pages. #26 in Lummox’s sturdy Little Red Book series. — John Berbrich

Lost Highway – A blues poetry anthology, including work by Winans, John Macker, Errol Miller, and editor RD Armstrong, plus others. Filled w/lonely dirt roads, bottles of bourbon, songs, harps, & gee-tar. If you love the blues, you’ll want this book. If you love poetry, you’ll want this book. Simple as that. — John Berbrich

Rick Smith’ s poetry [The Wren Notebook] is eloquent, lyrical, and highly evocative of the sense of nature that us wingless creatures don’t normally have access to ( or have lost touch with), addressing the reader with a flutter of wings, a flash of thought, or a swoop through boundless skies. Judith Bever’s pen and ink drawings compliment the poems in a thoughtful way, amplifying the already unified feeling of this collection. If the Lummox Press can maintain the standard set by this first book in their new series, then we can count on seeing more fine publications in the future. — Mark Terrill

Smith is a poet secure in his ability to write accessible poems that speak serious truths to the heart. This book is a pleasure to read, and one you will return to again and again. Ultimately, the desires of the wren are universal: we are all seeking contentment in a turbulent world. — Laura Stamps

“[On/Off the Beaten Path] is a wonderful companion volume to A Journey up the Coast illustrating this poet’s agile descriptive and narrative powers.” — Tim Scannell

“Two friends of mine took this book [Feeding the Animal] backpacking with them and told me it was the greatest book they’ve read in a long time!” — Marsha Gertzler, Paper Heart

“Real love poems. Not stupid or sentimental a bit, but rather a true portrayal of the fluttering heart in its moments of despair & ecstasy.” — John Berbrich

Feeding The Animal – “The poems in this collection, come straight out of the spiritual essentials of life. They nurture. John Thomas is one of our best poets.” — John Bennett

Late Night on the Psych Ward – “Belinda writes factually; doesn’t negate, romanticize, or over-play sentimentality about the lives of the people in her care.” — Joyce Metzger

Familiarities – “Patricia Cherin’s call to “Familiarities” is a close family connection, something we all need in this day, and time; a comfort zone to call our own. Gerald Locklin’s poems are centered around imprinted motifs, students, writer’s woes, his love of jazz, historical facts, readers, time and western man.” — Joyce Metzger

“Equal Opportunity SledgeHammer celebrates the yes-ness of the moment, whatever the despair of the times..” — G. Murray Thomas

“Bill Shields’ Meat Eater… as concentrated and powerful as a shot glass of bleach.” — Rod Sperry

THE QUEEN OF BOHEMIA and COLD EYE BURNING AT 3 A.M. – Lummox Press has done something fine and unusual here, simultaneously publishing a “matched set” of books. Two strings, as it were, to her marvelous bow. I can hold these two little books between my palms and only their corners are visible. Such magical power in so small a space! Read them. — John Thomas


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E-Book version (zip download)

$ 9.00

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