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The Shards in “The Birth of Road Rage” were written over a span of time ranging from the mid 1990s until late in 2004. Some of them that sound as if they were written post 9/11 were actually written years earlier. Which goes to show that if you’ve got your finger on the pulse, you can hear the beating heart of the future. Which goes to show that Time is an illusion.

“The Birth of Road Rage” is part of a trilogy. The other two books in the collection are: “The Theory of Creation” and “War All the Time.” All three books are available from Vagabond Press (605 E. 5th Ave., Ellensburg, WA 98926). For those of you tied to institutions that will not order a book without an ISBN tattoo, you’re shit out of luck. Vagabond Press is kicking the ISBN habit.

Thanks to the following magazines, presses and /or web sites which made some of these Shards available to a limited public prior to this publication:
Babel, Burnig Whisper, D-press, House Organ, Los Poesy, Lummox, Measured Steps, Open Wide, Physik Garden, Pudding House, Real Living, WordWrights.


Confessions of a Man Insane Enuf to Talk to Himself – Who I Be – It’s a Cyrano de Bergerac World – He Could Have Been a Contender – If It’s the Last Thing I Ever Do – Life is a Boston Tea Party – New Things to Fonder – No One Loves a Kamikaze – Thank God for the Diving Bell – In a Frenzy of Celebration We Lock Out the Beast – I Know for a Fact – When True Awareness Dawns – Snake Skin – Hunker Down – Getting Ready for Work – Sky Pilot – Concertina-Wire Payback – Howard Hughes has Nine-lnch Nails – Fly & Buy – Fitting In – Shilling Gears Like a Truck Discovering the Child Within – Thwack! Thwack! – As Usual, As Always, Ad Infinitum – Looking – Point the Way – Monkey See, Monkey Do – Sweating the Small Shit – Run with the Hunted – Reaching an Audience – Tricks the Universe Plays – Frankenstein Mythology – Just an Average Joe – Getting to the Core of the Problem -Subpoenaed – The Boy in the Bubble – Chattanooga Choo-Choo – Tiny Tim & the Stompers – Processing the Dream – Happiness is Much Over-rated – Reality Lurks in the Shadows – Tantamount to Treason – Some Advice on Aging Gracefully – The Apocalypse, Plain & Simple -The Birth of Road Rage


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