Kip Hanrahan | Tenderness | American Clavé

american clavé 1016/17

Voices: (first person singular, female) Diahnne Abbott; Carmen Lundy; Lucy Gabrielle Penahaz

(first person singular, male) Fernando Saunders; Sting; Kip Hanrahan

Major Players throughout the Record: Fernando Saunders (electric bass); Robbie Ameen (trap drums); Andy Gonzalez (bass); Giovanni Hidalgo (congas, quinto); Leo Nocentelli (electric guitar); Don Pullen (piano); Alfredo Triff (violin); Chocolate Armenteros (trumpet)

Additional Players on Selected Cuts: Chico Freeman (tenor sax); Milton Cardona (congas); Richie Flores (congas, percussion); Ignacio Berroa (trap drums); Sting (electric bass); Andrew Cyrille (trap drums); Marvin “Smitty” Smith (trap drums); Cecilia Engelhardt (percussion); Kip Hanrahan (percussion)

Production: Produced by Kip Hanrahan; Scott Marcus (executive producer): Nancy Hanrahan (associate producer); Alberto Bengolea (associate arranger)

Recording: September 1989 and February-March 1990; except “1-” recorded July 1988; “6-“, December 1988; and “7-“, April 1989. Recorded mainly at RPM with parts recorded at Skyline Studios, Sorcerer Sound, Sound and Sound and Sound Ideas, all in New York City. Engineers: Mike Krowiak; David Stone; Joe Furla. Assistants: Jeff Lippay; Susan Dyer. Mixing: March 1990 at Sorcerer Sound and RPM Studios, New York City. Engineers: Joe Furla, Mike Krowiak; Alec Head. Assistants: Judy Kirschner; Jeff Lippay. Mastering: 1April 1990 at Sterling Sound, New York. Engineer: Greg Calbi. Packaging design by Capoeira Graphics and Lambert Spix. Photography by Charles Reilly, Spencer Richards; Sandy How.

Song Cycle (at least sixteen folk songs from inside the city):

1. “… faith in the pants, not in the prick…” (Vallejo’s Folk Song) 2. “… when I lose myself in the darkness and pain of love, no, this love…” 3. “…she turned so that maybe a third of her face was in this fuckin’ beautiful half-light…” 4. “…at the same time, as the subway train was pulling out of the station…” 5. “…I told him ‘I don’t have to be beaten to be understood’…” 6.“…look, the moon…” (Diahnne’s) 7. “…half of sex is fear…” 8. Gillian’s Folk Song 9. History 10. “…there was something about his anger that was so…inaccessable to me…” 11. “…if I knew how to, if I knew what muscles to relax…” 12. “…you’re no pimp, and I’m certainly no whore…” 13. Deep Summer 14. “…look, the moon…” (Carmen’s) 15. in place of an epilog: Lullabye for my Daughter 16. in place of a morale: Geography

All music and words written by Kip Hanrahan except “Gillian’s Folk Song” which was written by Kip Hanrahan and Leo Nocentelli

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé

Fernado Saunders | Lucy Gabrielle Penabaz

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé

Sting | Diahnne Abbot

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé

Giovanni Hidalgo | Leo Nocentelli | Robbie Ameen

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé

Carmen Lundy | Don Pullen | Andy Gonzalez

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé

kip hanrahan | tenderness | american clavé


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