was born 1979 as Koh Otera in Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 4 she started taking piano lessons. In 1992 she began studying the piano under Fumiko Yoshida (associate professor of Kunitachi College of Music) and Grete Dichler (professor of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria), and from 1998 onward Koh began performing in public. Koh gratuated in 2002 from Kunitachi College of Music, and participated at various music festivals, and in 2004 she played together with Satoko Fujii and invited Ted Reichman to record in New York.

The result was her first album Yamabuki in 2005, which was released by Satoko Fujii under the label Libra Records. Following , she started studying at the Tokyo International College of Music Therapy, and in 2009 Koh acquired a license as an assistant music therapist of the Japanese Music Therapy Association.

In 2010, Koh released her 2nd Album Do-Chu in Tokyo under her own private label KOYA Records with Natsuki Tamura on trumpet, Masahiro Uemura on drums and Kumon Nanko on cello.

Do-Chu was highly acclaimed by “CD Journal”, “Music Magazine”, “Jazz Criticism” and “Strange Days”. It was chosen in 2010 “My Best” by “CD Journal” and “Music Magazine”.

In 2011 the album Tension was released with Masahiro Uemura on drums as Koh’s Unit Komado-No-Oh.

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