Theo Jörgensmann | Albrecht Maurer | Melencolia | Nemu Records

This is one for listeners who have “Open Ears”! It is challenging, different and presented by soloist who have complete control of their instruments and know exactly where they want to go! It needed several hearings to appreciate it, but it is well worth it! Will use the music sparingly in the months to come. Thank you for sending this cd to me. Best Wishes for 2012. Regards. — Peter Kuller – Jazz Presenter Radio Adelaide on Digital Radio, on Line and 101.5fm, Australia Continue reading

Theo Jörgensmann | Albrecht Maurer | Peter Jacquemyn | Trio Hot | Jink | Nemu Records

It’s hip, heady and wildly entertaining! It is a fluid and prismatic session, where the musicians also delve into avant-chamber stylizations, evidenced by Gesture Talk, featuring their interweaving dialogues and distinct separation of registers. No doubt, the program is a study in mood inducing improv via semi-structured patterns, circular ostinatos and more. Yet we wouldn’t expect anything less from these consummate instrumentalists who sound like they’ve been performing as a unit for decades, which of course isn’t the case. – Glenn Astarita, – Feb. 2009 Continue reading

Albrecht Maurer

The violinist, fiddler and composer Albrecht Maurer studied violin at the Musikhochschule Köln and taught himself the piano, which he then later studied. In addition, he pursued the study of non-European tonal systems and computer music. He gathered his experience with new and experimental music through intensive work with many composers from the Kagel “school”, including Maria de Alvear, Carola Buckholt, and Manos Tsangaris. He has worked with various classical and jazz ensembles as pianist, synthesizer programmer, violinist, and singer. Albrecht Maurer belongs to a special part of the jazz world, named Modern Creative Jazz. Modern Creative is a contemporary form of Creative Music, which is seen as a further develovement of „free jazz“. It is non commercial. Continue reading

Theo Jörgensmann Quartett | Ta Eko Mo

The german clarinetist Theo Jörgensmann has always been open for progressive experiments. He is one of the musicians who made the clarinet socially acceptable again in the world of jazz, after the instrument had for years been considered to be old fashioned. It is now fifteen years ago that Theo Jörgensmann lead a successful quartet. After years of playing as a soloist in various projects he has now found a new ensemble with which he can make his visions of a vital, sensuous sounding, European improvised music become real. Christopher Dell, Christian Ramond, Klaus Kugel and Theo Jörgensmann were brought together by the sheer joy of playing music.The remarkable of this new group are its imagination, individuality and creative power. Continue reading

Marcin Oleś | Theo Jörgensmann | Bartloliej Brat Oleś | Miniatures | Not Two Records

Robust circulating spirits guide the interaction of the trio of M.Oles, B.Oles and Jorgensmann on Miniatures. After an ethereal opening, strong, responsive bass lines by M.Oles carve a trail through uncharted territory while B.Oles clears all the underbrush with his power-laden drumming. Jorgensmann leaps into the clearing breathing fire through his basset clarinet (a slightly longer version of today’s instrument with extended range in the lower register), resulting in the group taking full charge with simulating improvised music. Although titled Miniatures, the CD’s selections evolve as fully developed, open statements on the creative art form. Tonally, the music dips to the deepest end of the sonic pool through M.Oles’ probing resonance and to its apex, where Jorgensmann creates a maelstrom with his fiery blowing. — Frank Rubolino Continue reading