Marcin Oleś | Theo Jörgensmann | Bartloliej Brat Oleś | Miniatures | Not Two Records

Marcin Oleś – double bass | Theo Jörgensmann – bassett clarinet | Bartłomiej Brat Oleś – drums

Recorded March 18, 2003 and mixed at the Studio Pik Radio Bydgoszcz by Michal Czerw. Photos by Bartosz Winiarski. Cover design by mArco. Producers: Marcin and Bartlomiej Brat Oles. Executive producer: Marek Winiarski.

Tracklist: 1. Uni Sonic (Jan Krenz) [05:32] 2. Menace (Marcin Oleś) [06:35] 3. Miniature (Artur Malawski) [03:39] 4. Kascia (Theo Jorgensmann) [02:23] 5. 4-4 (Bartłomiej ‘Brat’ Oleś) [04:17] 6. Cocolique (Bartłomiej ‘Brat’ Oleś) [08:38] 7. Theo I (Bartłomiej ‘Brat’ Oleś) [14:44] 8. Theo II (Bartłomiej ‘Brat’ Oleś) [09:04] 9. 8th Day Of The Week (Bartłomiej ‘Brat’ Oleś) [04:16] 10. Budda (Marcin Oleś) [03:43]

Robust circulating spirits

guide the interaction of the trio of M.Oles, B.Oles and Jorgensmann on Miniatures. After an ethereal opening, strong, responsive bass lines by M.Oles carve a trail through uncharted territory while B.Oles clears all the underbrush with his power-laden drumming. Jorgensmann leaps into the clearing breathing fire through his basset clarinet (a slightly longer version of today’s instrument with extended range in the lower register), resulting in the group taking full charge with simulating improvised music. Although titled Miniatures, the CD’s selections evolve as fully developed, open statements on the creative art form. Tonally, the music dips to the deepest end of the sonic pool through M.Oles’ probing resonance and to its apex, where Jorgensmann creates a maelstrom with his fiery blowing.

While group improvisation keys the direction, individual solo contributions stand out. M.Oles makes powerful statements in either the arco or pizzicato mode. His vigorous execution on the title tune dominates the soundscape. Similarly, explodes with dinamic flare in many situations, providing assymetric rhythm patterns to match the band’s underlaying concept. All this energy is directed toward spurring Jorgensmann upward and outward. The clarinetist opens the throttle fully on many occasions with large doses of explosive retorts. The trio enters pastoral territory as well with quieter shades of its brillant colors to kepp the session in an off-balanced position. In all cases, the collective surge translates into a program of challenging improvised music with merit. — Frank Rubolino (Cadence)


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