Liz Gorrill | Andy Fite | Phantasmagoria | NA1004

Liz Gorrill, piano | Andy Fite, guitar and voice

Tracklist: 1. Hi! 2. All the Things You Are 3. Maybe Angry 4. Grieving 5. Phantasmagoria 6.Out of Nowhere 7. Into Wishin’ 8. At The Dance 9.Unbearable Longing 10. Sudden Clarity 11. All of me 12. Magical 13. Lovin’ This Thing Called Love

Recording Date:March 24, 1988 at RCA Studios, NYC

“…an impressive series of duets that deal in complex harmonies, intricate interplay, and consummate musicianship. But it’s not just empty technique. Their improvisations are laced with humor and warmth.” – R. Lannappolo, Option

“Alot of conventions and rules are broken…intense, harmonically challenging session…” – Lois Moody, The Ottawa Citizen

“An exceptional recording…A perfect duo that hopefully will appear on record more frequently.” – Tim Smith, Cadence

Liz Gorrill | Andy Fite | Phantasmagoria | NA1004

For healthy tension in jazz improvisation

it’s hard to top the piano/guitar duo format. There’s such a potential for working inside harmonies and extending them, but there’s always that risk of getting in each other’s way harmonically. This New York duo’s adventure is a happy and successful one.

Gorrill is a pianist whose musical conception andpianistic style have their roots in the work and teachings of the late Lennie Tristano. Fite is a young guitarist whose work is new to me, so I don’t know what this session represents in terms of his development or matured style. He is certainly a full partner in this freely interpreted music, and not over-powered by the strong individualism of Gorrill.

A lot of conventions and rules are broken throughout this program of essentially original music. There are three standards (“All The Things You Are”, “Out Of Nowhere”, and “All Of Me” — the last two with vocals) but each is virtually reconstructed in the out-of-tempo, sometimes percussive, always expressive style that Gorrill has developed. This is an intense, harmonically challenging session whose instrumentals are definitely the most rewarding tracks. — Lois Moody, Ottawa Citizen, December 1988

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