Carol Liebowitz | Andy Fite | Time On My Hands | NA1029

Carol Liebowitz, piano | Andy Fite, guitar

Tracklist: 1.How Deep Is The Ocean 2. Time On My Hands 3. Love Me Or Leave Me 4. It Could Happen To You 5. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me 6. Ghost Of A Chance 7. You Don’t Know What Love Is8. Embraceable You

RecordedOctober 15, 1995 and July 28, 1996

“The Warm voice of Carol Liebowitz interacts closely with guitarist Andy Fite.” –Scott Yanow, Editor, All Music Guide To Jazz

Carol Liebowitz | Andy Fite | Time On My Hands | NA1029Carol Liebowitz | Andy Fite | Time On My Hands | NA1029I’m not sure what most senior citizens would make of Carol Liebowitz’s renditions of the music of their lives. Liebowitz, with musical partner Andy Fite on guitar, takes this clutch of standards and twists and winds them into new shapes. What distinguishes her approach is her reverence for the words of the songs and high handedness with everything else. From the first chorus she bends the lyrics through her sweeping, melismatic improvisations. The impression is that Liebowitz is improvising the lyrics. This gives the poetry an urgent edge. I found myself hearing the lyrics afresh. “Love Me or Leave Me” is emotionally wrenching in a way I’ve never heard it.

Fite’s guitar work is spare, yet probing. He provides just the right underscoring for the singer’s emotional readings. In his solos, he never sounds like he’s straining to fill every measure to the max. He doesn’t play any notes that don’t count. Yet as understated as his improvisations are, they display utter confidence in his own mastery of the instrument. He fingers long melodic lines punctuated by dry stroked chords, leaving enough air to let his creations breathe. Fite deserves far more credit as a guitarist than he receives.

The pieces, though, have a surface sameness that can make the session wearying over its full length. This is an example of a date that probably would be far more effective on an LP with its two shorter, more focused sets. Regardless of the medium, though, lovers of these songs who are not afraid of a little adventure, as well as guitar aficionados, should check this out. —David Dupont, Cadence

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