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Zembla’s Rocks

Author: Louis Dudek | ISBN: 0919890725 : 9780919890725 | Format: Paperback | Size: 150x225mm | Pages: 141 | Weight: .24 Kg. | Published: IPG (Véhicule Press) – January 1996 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry texts & anthologies

Zembla’s Rocks is Louis Dudek’s first major collection of lyric poems

since The Transparent Sea (1956). All of Dudek’s voices are here: the lyrical observer of everyday events, the satirizer of culture and society, the meditative poet. This book confirms Dudek’s impressive contribution to Canadian literature. Generally acknowledged as the pioneer of the Canadian long poem, Dudek has also been active as critic, teacher, modernist theoretician, editor and publisher for over four decades. In 1981 Frank Davel and bp Nicol said that “Dudek’s centrality to Canadian poetry will become indisputably apparent. His work binds Smith, Scott, and Klein to the writing of the present generation. It links Canadian writing to the great modernist descent from Joyce, Pound, Eliot, and Williams.”


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