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Okie Musique Concrete. Memory in all it’s aspects.

This record is about memory. A train ran through my backyard in Cucamonga where I grew up. Songs like “Que Sera Sera,” “Pistol Packin Mama,” “Born To Lose,” “On Top of Old Smokey,” are some of the earliest songs I ever heard, as a baby, my grandfather romping around with his guitar. I was born in 1953 in Southern California to people who were blown off the Great Plains during the Dust Bowl and followed that Grapes of Wrath migration to the West Coast. We raised homing pigeons. My Mom worked as a meat wrapper in a supermarket. My Dad was a milkman. 1937 Plymouth. Memories. My Bubbadinos “country band” was put together to play this music I used to do with my grandfather. He was originally a mandolin player in string bands in Missouri. Switched to guitar in California. California, California, the endmost destination of Western Civ. Life is dreams & remembrance. Long morning walks along the Pacific — San Clemente, Long Beach, Laguna, Newport, San Onofre……

Tracklist: 1. Walking the Rails 2. Que Sera Sera 3. O Suzanna 4. Keep the Home Fires Burning 5. Of Electric Guitars & Guns & Wildwood Flower 6. Irene 7. Interlude, Benediction 8. Guitar Song 9. In the Jailhouse Now 10. John Fahey’s Last Bottle 11. T for Texas 12. Black Cat 13. Cucamonga 14. Mockingbird, Sacred Train 15. Streets of Laredo 16. Canticle of Studio C 17. Autumn Going Away 18. Twilight Oscillations

Mastered at Q Productions by Quincy J Adams, Albuquerque, NM


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