Mistaking Monks

Cristiano Calcagnile – drums & percussions | Xabier Iriondo – mahai metak, taisho koto, live electronics | Gianni Mimmo – soprano saxophone

Recording _ 21th March 2010. Sound Engineers _ Cristiano Calcagnile & Xabier Iriondo.  Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy. . Make-up _ Shanu & Lulu. Photos _ Daniele Innamorato. Photo Editing _ Cristiano Calcagnile. Graphics _MirkoSpino. Production MISTAKING MONKS

Tracklist: 1. Shape of things to come 2. Landscape and its meaning 3. So close so far 4. Tale to be told 5. Antenna revelation 6. Lone cruiser 7. Multiple 8. Oracle displacement 9. Unframed mirror 10. Mantic 11. Time and its palindrome 12. Glance dance 13. The longing streams


Cristiano Calcagnile

Drummer and percussionist, Cristiano Calcagnile is mainly involved in experimental music and interested in connections among arts and musical languages. He has studied at the Milano Civic School with professors David Searcy, Jonathan Sculli, Mike Quinn and jazz drumming with teacher Enrico Lucchini. Awarded an European Community founded scholarship, he has studied with Ettore Fioravanti, Furio DiCastri, Stefano Zenni, Bruno Tommaso, Franco D’Andrea in Italian prestigious “Siena Jazz ” seminars. He has also studied Djembè with Lamine N’diaye Rose and attended stages with Andrew Cyrill, Francesco Sotgiu, Peter Kowald, Sabine Vogel. He is a member of Bologna (Italy) based Bassesfere collective (www.bassesfere.com) and involved in musical partnerships with creative musicians from different areas as: Xabier Iriondo; Massimo Falascone; Damo Suzuky; Edoardo Marraffa; Monica Demuru; Tristan Honsinger; Daniele D’Agaro; Rova Saxophone Quartet; Gianni Mimmo; Gianluca Petrella; Stefano Bollani; Paolo Angeli; Cristina Zavalloni; Michael Thieke; Alberto Braida among the others.

He founded and composes for Chant, his own trio with Libero Mureddu (piano; clavichord; harmonium; pipe organ; electronics); Antonio Borghini (acustic & electric bass). He also played with: Wu Fei; Carla Kihlstedt; Sean Bergin; Tobias Delius; Ernst Glerum; Mark Feldman; ZU; Butch Morris; Mats Gustaffson; Ernst Reijseger; Steve Piccolo; Cristina Donà.


Xabier Iriondo

born in the Isola area in Milan (Italy) in the early seventies from basque father and italian mother. At the age of seventeen he began to amuse himself with an electric guitar and he still does now. Between 1992 and 2001 he made 5 albums and hundreds of concerts with the pop/rock band Afterhours, 3 albums with the indie/rock band Six Minute War Madness and 3 albums + 2 mini CDs with the A Short Apnea project. In 2005 he opens in Milan SOUND METAK, a vintage/collector instruments and musical objects shop where he organize concerts/performances. In these times he’s involved as guitarist/sound manipulator in the projects Uncode Duello, Polvere, Tasaday, etc Xabier Iriondo has played live around Europe and Japan and collaborated (live and studio) with the following bands as musicians: Damo Suzuki, ZU, Sinistri, Wu Fei, Gianni Gebbia, Steve Piccolo, Eraldo Bernocchi, Cristiano Calcagnile, Bruno Dorella, Elio Martuscello, Vincenzo Vasi, Alberto Morelli, Verdena, Simone Massaron, Gak Sato, Franceco Cusa, Gianni Mimmo, Mirko Sabatini, Juan Mordecai, aka_Bondage, Cristina Donà, Stefano Giust, Angelo Contini, Stefania Pedretti, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Diego Sapignoli, Olivier Manchion, Claudio Rocchetti, Christian Alati, Andrea Belfi, Madame P, Nicola Ratti, Antonio Gramentieri, Carla Bozulich and many others.


Gianni Mimmo

Soprano sax and composer in the fields of jazz and experimentation for over 25 years in his own original projects with highly disparate groups working on relationship between music – text and music – image. The treatment of musical timbre and of advanced techniques on the soprano sax, to which he has monastically dedicated himself, have become the distinguishing features of his style. His work mainly focuses in relationships among distances, essentiality,sincerity and his productions have been excellently reviewed by international magazines and webzines. His current projects include collaboration with musicians as John Russell, Jean-Michel van Schouwburg, Hannah Marshall, Lawrence Casserley, Martin Mayes, Gino Robair, Damon Smith, Scott, R.Looney, Kjell Nordeson, Gerard Uebele, Chino Shuichi, Nicola Guazzaloca, Xabier Iriondo, Gianni Lenoci, Enzo Rocco, Angelo Contini, Stefano Pastor, Stefano Giust, Cristiano Calcagnile, Harry Sjostroem, Marcello Magliocchi and with dancer Marcella Fanzaga, video artists, and poets as well. He extensively tours in Europe and USA invited at International festivals and venues and runs the indie label Amirani records.

mistaking monks



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