Moe! Staiano’s Moe!Kestra! | Two Rooms Of Uranium Inside 83 Markers: Conducted Improvisations Vol. II

Musicians for Conducted Improvisation

Piece No.6 “Depleted Uranium”

Guitars: Myles Boisen, Lucio Menegon | Bass: Vicky Grossi, Allen Whitman | Violin: Jeff Hobbs | Cello: Marika Hughes | Contrabass: Devon Hoff | Drums: Ches Smith | Voice: Carla Kihlstedt | Conductor: Moe! Staiano

Piece No.11 “Two Orchestras in Separate Rooms”

Tenor Saxophones: Alan Anzalone, Michael Perlmutter | C-melody Saxophone: Rent Romus | Clarinet: Aaron Bennett, Chris Broderick | Bass clarinet: Scott Rosenberg, David Slusser |Trumpet: Darren Johnston | Trombone: Jennifer Baker | Violins: Jeff Hobbs, John Shuirba (+ banjo) | Cellos: Robin Reynolds, Theresa Wong | Contrabass: Christopher Brown, George Cremaschi, Lisa Mezzacappa | Guitars: Lucio Menegon, Pat Moran, Daryl Shawn, Robin Hiroko Walsh, Bill Wolter | Bass: Vicky Grossi | Drums: David Mairs | Mini drum set: Allen Whitman | Percussion: Michael Guarino, Jason Levis (+ bowls), Sam Ospovat | Cymbal, dumbek: Peter Valsamis | Marimba: Suki O’Kane | Hand percussion: David Leikam | Accordion, tap shoes: Bob Marsh | Turntable: Matt Davignon | Conductor: Moe! Staiano

Produced and mastered Dan Rathbun, 17th of May and the 1st of June, 2006 at Polymorph Studios, Oakland, California, USA. Recorded live in performance by Karen Stackpole (Conducted Improvisation Piece No.6), 6 May 2003; and Michael Zelner (Conducted Improvisation Piece No. I I), 3 August 2004. Both pieces were recorded at the (now defunct) Oakland Box Theater, Oakland, California. Cover graphics by: Alan Anzalone. All compositions, conductions and arrangements by Moe! Staiano. Note: Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 11 is a composition that should be listened to as a whole. The indexes are provided for convenience only.

Thank you: John Lee, Laura Dubois and everyone at the Oakland Box Theater for making the space available for these shows, Rent Romus, Alan Anzaione , Dan Rathbun, Michael Zelner, Karen Stackpole, Vicky Grossi, all the participating musicians and whoever else I may have forgotten. Moe! Staiano| NOTE: THIS ALBUM IS TO BE PLAYED AT LOUD VOLUMES!

Moe! Staiano founded the Moe!kestra! project back in the beginning of 1997. The idea came from a show he did in 1996 in Berkeley at a place called Beanbenders where he gathered some dozen or so musicians to do a simple instruction, playing a one sustained note from soft, quite, crescendoing into a loud frenzy before playing free and all totally out while Moe! destroys several television sets and lighting off Whistling Pete’s fireworks (a frantic and future Moe!kestra! player Bill Horvitz had to momentarily stop Moe! to save his guitar amp that was in harms way). At the end of the show o all the excitement and cheering, Brian Hall (from Ubzub) was shouting “Moechestra! Moechestra!” This gave Moe! the idea of working in a large orchestra format and started writing text instructional scores (Moe! has no music theory, so he needed to describe how the musicians play his scores though there are some notated parts, both traditional and graphically) and wrote Piece No.1: Death of A Piano, which was loosely based on the 1996 performance and literally requires the actual destruction of a piano, which has been performed in about six times total.

listen to the Moe! Staiano’s Moe!Kestra! | excerpt


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