Moe! Staiano’s Moe!Kestra! | An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein And Other Whereabouts

Piece No. 7
An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein and Other Whereabouts (for strings, percussion, 6 E-stringed guitars, u-bolts, wine glasses and sirens) 2001-2003

Percussion: Wes Anderson,Tyler Cox, Michael Guarino, Suki O’Kane, Garth Powell (+gongs), Thomas Scandura, Peter Valsamis | Guitars: Richard E. Barber, Michael de la Cuesta, Bill Horvitz, Sue Hutchinson, Lucio Menegon, Rick Rees, Bill Wolter | Violins: Tara Flandreau, Jeff Hobbs, Patty Liu, Jonathan Segal | Contrabasses: George Cremaschi, Matthew Sperry | U-Bolts: Tim Bolling, Jon Brumit, Peter Conheim, Vicky Grossi, Scott Looney, Gino Robair, Chris Sipe, Michael Zelner | Wine glasses: Chris Broderick,Tom Corboline, Matt Davignon, Val Estway, Tory Norwood, Dee Ann Schaer, Greg Sharpen, Debbie Summer, Bruce Thomas | Sirens: Alan Anzalone, Robert Silverman | Conductor, water pourer, siren: Moe! Staiano

Track 1: [11:17] Track 2: [9:44] Track 3: [11:42]

Piece No. 5
(for large orchestra)

Saxophones: Aaron Bennett, Jeff Chan, Henry Kuntz, Tim Perkis, David Slusser | Clarinets: Scott Looney, Peter Oberender | Violins: Mark Chung, Kris Force, Gene Jun,Tom Swafford | Violas: Cheryl E.Leonard, Teri Untalan | Cellos: Samantha Black, Danielle DeGrutolla | Contrabasses: Ashley Adams, George Cremaschi | Bass: Dennis Fritts | Guitars: Myles Boisen, Nils Frykdahl (+piccolo flute), Bill Horvitz, Patrick Pickerell, Rick Rees, John Shiurba | Slide guitar: Eric Carter | Piccolo flute: Erica Fallen | Cornet: Michael de la Cuesta | Trombone: Alan Werner | Piano: Jonas Muller | Keyboard: Michael Heinle | Theremin: Robert Silverman | Drums: Ches Smith | Conductor, dropped objects: Moe! Staiano

Track 4: [9:48] Track 5: [2:00] Track 6: [7:04]

Moe! Staiano’s Moelkestra!: Two Compositions for Large Orchestra. Produced and mastered by Dan Rathbun, November,2004 at Polymorph Studios, Oakland, California, USA Co-produced/policed by Gino Robair, Jonathan Segal, Moe! Staiano and Michael Zelner. Piece No.7 recorded live in performance by Michael Zelner, June 3,2003 at the Oakland Theater Box, Oakland,California. Piece No.5 recorded by Cuco Daglio and Guy Brenner, November 7,1998,attheYerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California for the OPUS415 Marathon *4. Note:The pieces are two large (and yet,separate) compositions as a whole.The indexes are provided for convenience only. All compositions, conductions and arrangements by Moe! Staiano. Design by Dan Kletter. Photos by Peter Conheim (Piece No.5 image) and Dave Grossman (everything else) © & © 2006 Moe! Staiano, © 2006 Rastascan Records, © 2006 Amanita Records.

Thank you: Laura Dubois and everyone at the Oakland Box, Dan Becker (OPUS415), Peter Conheim, Dave Grossman, Dan Rathbun, Michael Zelner, Jonathan Segal, Gino Robair, Stephan Kreiger, Vicky Grossi, Dan Kletter, all the participating musicians and whoever else I may have forgotten.

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