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Christian Skår Winther: Electric Guitar | Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard: Electric Bass | Anja Lauvdal: Korg MS10 | Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck: Tuba | Joakim Heibø Johansen: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Thomas Oxem. Mastered by Lasse Marhaug. Cover by Mummu and Torstein L. Larsen

Tracklist: 1. Feda Bru 2. Logatunellen


When the low frequency noise musicians from the duo SKRAP, joined forces with the punk improvisers from ICH BIN N!NTENDO and started playing heavy amplified drone music, the expression of the band ended up as chaotic musical improvisations, thick walls of distorted sound and transcendental riffs. Their inspiration stems from musicians/composers and bands like Swans, La Monte Young and Pandit Pran Nath.

“Mitt Ferieparadis” is the first out of three 7″ singles in Mummus single-series 2013, which will be further completed in August and December this year.

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On this dense little 7″ from the Norwegian quintet

of guitar, bass, drums, synth and tuba, one half of the improvisations make for a slow burning pandemonium, while the other removes all barriers and just freaks out, with both songs excelling in their attempts. It is sloppy, noisy, and insane, which is the best possible outcome for this sort of work.

“Feda Bru” is all sludgy creeping chaos, making for a mess of sound that is hard to distinguish parts from one another. Besides the wobbling synth noise that opens the piece, everything else becomes a mass of slowly surging noise that simmers more than anything. It is messy, but in a lurching, controlled fashion, with a passage of deliciously clumsy bass guitar to close things out.

What was held at bay on the A side comes completely apart on “Logatunellen.” Right from the outset; a drum passage that sounds like a kit being rolled down a long staircase, eventually stabilizing itself and forming some beautifully deranged sloppy garage rock sound. Drums clatter away, guitars feedback more often than they play actual notes, and the synth, bass and tuba merge together into some unholy roar. In the closing moments the rhythm section locks into a repetitive, but pounding groove while the guitar squalls above, with each layer slowly peeled away until the conclusion.

From the sound to the weird, absurdist artwork, it is obvious that Mummu are going for balls out unhinged improvisation, and their attempt is more than successful. For all its messiness, however, there is enough underlying focus and structure to give these two pieces a definite song-like quality, and not just random instrumental jerking off. Getting that structured disorder is no easy feat, and this band does it exceptionally well.– Brainwashed

MUMMU is a new Norwegian musical collective

comprised from the female duo of low-frequency noise-musicians SKRAP and the male trio of punk improvisers Ich Bin N!ntendo. This outfit began to explore heavy amplified drone music and soon settled on chaotic and noisy improvisations, referencing diverse influences, beginning with Indian vocal master Pandit Pran Nath, the pioneer minimalist experiences of La Monte Young that drew inspiration from Pran Nath and the walls of repetitive, distorted sounds à la post-punk Swans.

The debut release of this collective is a limited edition 7″ single, Mitt Ferieparadis (My Holiday Paradise}. It is a concise investigation of noisy forms of music—distorted sonic outbursts, powerful rock riffs, edgy lo-fi soundscapes and extreme metal-blasting punchlines.

The first piece, “Feda Bru,” introduces the otherworldly minimalist rustles and hisses identified with the low-fi aesthetics of SKRAP reinforced with the energetic sonic envelope of Ich Bin N!ntendo. The second one, “Logatunellen,” fuses the two sonic universes into an intense orgy of spiky metallic sounds, pounding rhythms and a disturbing drone that gains momentum in a kind of ritual of noise till the cathartic volcanic eruption. The bonus track, available only in the digital version, is an immediate and speedy assault of punk improvisation that gallops onward with uncompromising energy.

This single clocks at about 15 minutes but all of them present bliss. — Eyal Hareuveni


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