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Natsuki Tamura – trumpet | Takayuki Kato – guitar | Satoko Fujji – synthesizer | Ryojiro Furusawa – drums

Recorded at Sound Valley Studios, Tokyo by Masataka Ito on October 28, 2003. Mastered at Onkio Haus by Wataru Ishii, November 28, 2003. Executive producer: Natsuki Tamura. Design and photos by Motonobu Furuhata

Tracklist: 1. Entrance [6:08] 2. Endanger [10:42] 3. Eliminate [26:24] 4. Expired [12:30] 5. Exit [4:19]

Natsuki Tamura Quartet | Exit | libra records

TrumpeterTamura’s new electric quartet CD, Exit breaks from the jazz-rock direction established by their debut album, Hada Hada, and ventures into realms of free-improvisation and sonic abstraction.

Exit is for the listener with the adventurous ear, a brilliantly executed set with a neon glow. ― Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The music of Tamura on this album is very ambiguous in a good sense. One doubts if there is any composition. Actually, that doesn’t matter and he rather takes advantage of such an anxiety and just lets his sound soar into the sky. ― CD Journal

This is a very adventurous release, one of the most interesting combinations of jazz and electronics I’ve heard. ― Jon Davis, Exposé

There is considerable freedom exhibited by all four artists; each in turn contributes a plethora of exotic, barrier shaking effects to give the performance its otherworldly flavor. Boundaries keep being pushed with contributions such as this. ― Frank Rubolino, Cadence

There are wonderful moments of meditative silence – such as those at the beginning of “Eliminate” – as well as many long stretches of high-volume intensity. ― Marc Medwin,

Tamura controls the tone of his trumpet at will and he probably has entered the territory that no one has ever explored. Tamura utilizes a lot of different effective devices but creates his music in an area that is completely isolated from the realm that Miles pioneered. ― Masahiro Imai, Musen to Jikken

The quartet’s music . . . develops organically from within this framework, and can go anywhere from off-kilter funk, to atmospheric soundscaping, to understated contrapuntal interplay . . . great playing, and lots of musical risk-taking. ― Dave Wayne, Jazz Weekly

Tamura’s quartet succeeds in introducing new energy into improvised music . . . his latest dreamscape adventure remains for the truly creative soul in search of something altogether new. ― Jim Santella, All About Jazz

Typical Japanese sentiments sprinkled here and there are as impressive as, or sometimes more impressive than, the exoticism of artists of the underground scenes of Chicago and Niels Petter Molvaer. ― Takehiro Oshizuka, Musee

Natsuki Tamura Quartet | Exit | libra records


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