Nicole Guazzaloca | Tecniche Arcaiche / Live at Angelica | Amirani Records

Nicola Guazzaloca | piano, objects

Recorded by Stefano Carboni at Centro di Ricerca Musicale, Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna, Italy during ANGELICA Festival Internazionale di Musica, May 16, 2014. Music conceived and performed by Nicola Guazzaloca. Produced by Aut records. Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records, Nicola Guazzaloca. Thanks to Massimo Simonini-Angelica, Raffaele Amura, SPM Ivan

Tracklist:  1. Parte Prima (14.38) 2. Parte Seconda (26.44) Total Time: (41.22)

We already knew

the inventive freshness of this musician, but didn’t get yet the opportunity to listen him performing his solo masterpiece live. The visible secret of his music is the perfect balance between delicacy and impetus driven through a conscious journey on/outside/inside the piano. Deeply investigated in a breath-taking, brilliant live concert at Angelica Festival, the sound-elements dance is developed with un-orthodox exploration of the instrument, crystal clear storming note cascades, gentle sudden melodic flashes and textured sketches. A tasty musician, here delivering grace moments of thrilling sequences, complex designs and simple light edgy notes, that give us the idea of a marvellous sense of narration. Another great album from Nicola proudly co-produced with Aut Records.

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But how to establish the exact moment in which a story begins? Everything has already begun before.

Come stabilire il momento esatto in cui cominica uns storia ? Tutto é sempre cominciato gia prima.

Italo Calvino, “Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore”

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