Rafal Mazur | Keir Neuringer | Unison Lines | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2010 | MW 834-2 | CD

Rafal Mazur – acoustic bass guitar | Keir Neuringer – alto saxophone

Composed by Mazur / Neuringer in real time at Solvay Contemporary Art Center in Krakow, Poland on 6 July 2009. Recorded and mixed by Rafal Drewniany, DTS Studio. Design and artwork: Piotr Jakubowicz.

Tracklist: 1. unison lines one [08:18] 2. unison lines two [05:52] 3. unison lines three [09:11] 4. unison lines four [06:15] 5. unison lines five [13:36] 6. unison lines six [06:06] 7. unison lines eight [08:16] 8. unison lines nine [05:14]

They find a perfect symbiosis of sound, jointly creating something that goes beyond the voice of the individual instruments. – Free Jazz Blog

Rafal Mazur (Kraków) and Keir Neuringer (New York)

met in October 1999 at a wild, late-night drummerless jam session in one of Kraków’s cellar jazz clubs and have been collaborating ever since. They were instrumental in establishing Kraków’s now thriving free improvisation scene and in connecting many musicians internationally. Mazur and Neuringer share an intuitive sense of form developed in real time and in tandem with each other, and produce an extraordinary range of sonorities in light of the limited physical sound sources they employ (acoustic bass guitar, occasionally bowed, and unamplified saxophone). In their years of playing together they have moved between and within extremes of energy and restraint, opening up for audiences what is essentially a long-running dialogue between two close friends expressed in musical terms.



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