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Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone | Ove Volquartz _ bass and contrabass clarinets | Gianni Lenoci _ piano | Cristiano Calcagnile _ drums

Music _ Instant compositions by Calcagnile, Lenoci, Mimmo, Volquartz. Live recording _ March the 19th, 2013, at The Apex, Göttingen, Germany. Mixing _ Cristiano Calcagnile. Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy. Graphics _ Mirko Spino. Production _ Reciprocal Uncles. Executive production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records. Thanks to Andreas Thamm for his precious help

Tracklist: 1. Schönberg slides on boulevard Dali. 2. Flowerpiercers on Cecil rd. 3. Zögernd in der Weberngasse 4. Blaues Schichtengeflecht 5. Act not re-act 6. Graciously flowing shadows 7. Almost presto


Reciprocal Uncles

started in 2009 is already a brand for Amirani Records and delighted audiences in Europe and Usa. Started by the sparklin collaboration between Gianni Lenoci and Gianni Mimmo, the duo has performed in Italy, Germany, Uk, Belgium and in USA in two different tours. Their first album is sold out and has been widely recognized by reviewers all over the planet.

Their improvisations have been defined by FreeJazz blogger Stef Gjissels “Perfect match for each other: sensitive, lyrical and abstract, a rare combination”, and by AAJ USA reviewer Gordon Marshall: “The dynamics throughout are fun and swinging. Their music offers resolutions – and revolutions – turning the tensions into forays of breathtaking complexity”.

For the 2013 European Tour the duo opened the circle to brilliant percussionist Cristiano Calacagnile, remarkable musician with a lot of excellent collaborations in his already dense career, notably with Anthony Braxton, Rova Saxophone quartet, Daniele D’Agaro, Tristan Honsinger among the others and multiple original works with musicians coming from the experimental areas and jazz as well. The meeting with the great Ove Volquartz has been simply magic!

The concert at The Apex in Göttingen is a real gem of top class improvisations flavored by contemporary shades and bluesy lights as well.


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