Richard Tabnik Trio | In The Moment | NA1015

Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone; Carol Tristano, drums; Cameron Brown, bass

Tracklist: 1. In the Moment 2. It’s Just a Feeling 3. It’s Just a Feeling (take 2) 4. Individuality 5. Discovery 6. Lester Young’s Solos on “Shoe Shine Boy” (takes 1 & 2) 7. Butterflies & Universes 8. In Sync 9. Heartline 10. Dreaming’s Meanings 11. Your Eyes 12. Totality 13. Timestream

Recording Date: October 8, 1992 at BMG Studios, NYC

“…aptly titled…music shaped by the moment’s inspiration…they can pursue uncharted paths with confidence and musical vocabulary rooted in past moments of the jazz experience…” – Lois Moody, Jazz News

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