Silke Eberhard | Alex Huber | Singen Sollst Du | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2012 | MW 865-2 | CD

Silke Eberhard – alto saxophone | Alex Huber – drums, percussion

All compositions by Silke Eberhard & Alex Huber. Produced by Alex Huber and Silke Eberhard. Recorded by Christian Betz at Berlinaudio, June 16th, 2010. Mixed and mastered by Christian Betz at Berlinaudio, September 15th, 2010. Photos by Oliver Potratz. Layout by Marek Wajda.

Tracklist: 1. Haudegen [05:04] 2. The Alternative [04:34] 3. Reveller [02:03] 4. Symposion [02:31] 5. What now? [06:41] 6. Für Fab [04:01] 7. Singen sollst du… [04:48] 8. Song ß [01:58] 9. Nach dir [03:36] 10. Alpinechant [06:02] 11. Well done! [03:06] 12. Plan B [04:13] 13. Absturz [03:37]

Both German alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard and Swiss drummer Alex Huber

belong to the young generation of highly trained and skilled musicians who are willing to create their own sound, while keeping the legacy of the past. Eberhard made previous albums in tribute to Ornette Coleman (with Aki Takase), to Dolphy (with Potsa Lotsa), and she even transcribed several of the latter’s solos. Her great strength is the combination of this tradition – you can hear it in every track : the pulse, the attention to form – with her own natural sense of lyricism and an adventurous playful spirit.

She is one of those musicians who seem to thoroughly enjoy what she is doing, without pretence, without the need to make strong musical statements, yet the end result is better than some of the guys “with a mission to be the world’s greatest innovator”. And Huber is the same. If you can ascribe lyricism to a drummer – Jack DeJohnette, Hamid Drake, Paul Motian – well, Huber has it too, but with his own character, style and approach.

Even if this is free jazz, the music “dances”. It is quite physical, an emanation of happiness, and definitely a joy to listen to. And for those who want to know what the title means, the answer is unsurprisingly “You Shall Sing …” Singing and playing and dancing …. only to be enjoyed! –Stef

Silke Eberhard | Photo by Manuel Miethe

Silke Eberhard

studied at the „Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin until 2000. Further Studies have been with David Liebman in USA and at the Banff Centre of the Arts in Kanada. In 2004/2005 she was guestprofessor in at the „Ponitificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá“ (Colombia).

She performed/recorded with: Aki Takase, Ulrich Gumpert, David Liebman, Nikolaus Neuser, Johannes Bauer, Sabine Worthmann, Günter Baby Sommer, Dave Burrell, Gerry Hemingway, Petra Krumphuber, Michael Zerang, Louis Rastig, Niko Meinhold, Antonis Anissegos, Terry Lyne Carrington, Olaf Rupp, NeWt Trio, Nobuyoshi Ihno and others.
Current projects are her Silke Eberhard Trio with Jan Roder on bass and Kay Lübke on drums (CD Being, Jazzwerkstatt 2008), the Duo OCA with pianist Aki Takase, (Double-CD Ornette Coleman Anthology, INTAKT Records, 2007) and Potsa Lotsa – a lineup of horns (with Nikolaus Neuser on trumpet, Patrick Braun on tenorsax, Gerhard Gschlössl on trombone) play the complete compositions of Eric Dolphy.

Alex Huber

is a Swiss drummer, composer and improviser based in Zug and Berlin. He’s considered as “one of the most talented and promising young representative of the Swiss jazz scene and for sure one of the most melodic, who masters the balance between precision worker and shaman“ (Ulfert Goeman, Jazzpodium). Whatever that means, he takes it as a compliment. He has performed in Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Danmark, the USA and Australia.

He got his education at the School of Music in Lucerne, where he studied with Lucas Niggli, Dejan Terzic and Pierre Favre. He also attended master classes with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Dave Liebman, Jim Black, Tim Berne and Jesse van Ruller and visited New York several times, where he took lessons with Ari Hoenig, John Riley and Ali Jackson.

He both writes for and leads various bands of which include Sonar Ensemble with bassist Raffaele Bossard, guitartist Dave Gisler and Saxophonist Domenic Landolf (“While you were gone”, UNIT Records 2010), a Duo with German reedist Silke Eberhard (“Singen sollst du…” Nottwo, 2011), a Duo with Irish singer Lauren Kinsella („All This Talk About“, WideEarRecords, 2012) and Chimaira, a quartet with Saxophonist Philipp Gropper, Pianist John Schröder and Bassist Oliver Potratz (“Smoke & Mirrors”, WideEarRecords, 2012).

As a sideman, he has had the privilege of performing with musicians such as Frank Möbus, Colin Vallon, Fredy Studer, Kalle Kalima, Samuel Blaser, Nils Wogram, Daniel Erdmann, Christian Weber, Stefano Senni, Wanja Slavin among others. Besides, he is also co-founder of the young Swiss independent label WideEarRecords (, a new platform for young Swiss musicians who decided to join forces to document their original music and make it available to an interested audience. He is a winner of the Recognition Award of the Ida and Albert Flersheim Foundation and winner of the Subsidiary Award of the Canton of Zug.


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