El Gallo Rojo Records

El Gallo Rojo Records is a container without stylistic labels, a collective of musicians with a natural bent for experimentation and linguistic crosswising who, around a record label, exchange ideas, suggestions, and listening and performance experiences. El Gallo Rojo is also a visual project, coordinated by Massimiliano Sorrentini and Sara Meneghini, in keeping with that same art of transverse poetry which characterizes the music, so that the aspect of graphic imagery really does accompany the sound, and is not merely an accessory. The visual artists and the written/spoken word will also have their own space in the Punto Rojo, a kind of parallel collection which will gather special limited editions, hybrid forms of sound, texts and images, but also collections of photographs, comic strips, dawings, short films and narrative. Continue reading

Aut Records

Aut Records is a record label dedicated to experimental and research music. We are trying to describe a musical environment that cannot be inscribed into a genre category, as well as distant from a particular musical language. Our main goal is to promote projects concerning unusual sonorities. We are convinced that any positive result derives from a research off the beaten tracks, deviations from the mainstream, which is often a sterile environment if conceived as the only possible solution. Basically, we offer what we, actually, appreciated while listening to it; further, we really enjoy the pleasure to make our products available to anyone appreciating our work, that is as important as games are. Continue reading

Konstrukt (feat. Peter Brötzmann | H. Ertunç | D. Doğusel | B. Tan Özemek | Eklisia Sunday | Not Two Records

Eklisia Sunday (Not Two) was recorded near Bodrum, Turkey on May 15 2011, seven months before the Wels festival. The event presumably marked the belated release of a Konstrukt/Brötzmann album, Dolunay (ARES), which they had recorded in 2008. Konstrukt is an Istanbul-based improv group; not one I’ve previously known, although it also collaborated in 2011 both with Marshall Allen and—as documented on the album Live at Akbank Jazz Festival (Re:konstruKt)—Evan Parker. The usual Konstrukt lineup—Korhan Futaci, tenor & soprano saxophones; Umut Çağlar, electric guitar; Özün Usta, double bass, djembe, gong, bells; Korhan Argüden, drums and “old k zildjian cymbals” — here becomes an septet with the addition of Brötzmann (tenor & alto saxophones, clarinet) and additional guests: Hüseyin Ertunç, acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong; and Doğan Doğusel, double bass, küstüfon. An eighth player, Barlas Tan Özemek stands in for Umut Çağlar on the third and longest track. — Dalston Sound Continue reading