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DAY OF THE DEAD (CD 4Documents a live ritual/performance at “Beanbenders,” Berkeley on November 1, 1998. It includes a 39-minute audio track and a SPECIAL 23-MINUTE VIDEO TRACK.LADY LUCK STRIKES AGAIN (CD 5) Features music recorded on March 4, 2002 at “Tuva Space,” Berkeley.

Henry Kuntz / tenor saxophone, Chinese & Moroccan double reeds, Balinese & Javanese gamelans, Balinese & African wood xylophones, bamboo flutes, Mexican toy violins, percussion; Ben Lindgren / doublebass, piano, National steel guitar; Brian Godchaux / violin; Esten Lindgren / trombone, trumpet, guitar, alto saxophone, Tibetan conch, bull’s horn, drums and percussion; John Kuntz / electric and acoustic ukeleles, mandolin, Balinese & Javanese gamelans, wood xylophones, toys and percussion.

Spirits are invited and entertained in OPEYE’s 1998 Day of the Dead performance/ritual; we approach the Spirit World anew in 2002 contemplating the ironies of life’s final journey.

An all-inclusive portraiture of the group’s seamless melding of worldly percussion, horns, and stringed instruments into a free-flowing modus operandi.

Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide

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