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This recording took place in Santa Fe, NM on August 26, 2010 at Stan’s home. Electrical problems made it necessary to record using an internal microphone, and sound quality was compromised.

Stan’s books include Los Comanches, the Horse People (UNM 1993) and two novels, No Flowers for a Clown (Macmillan 1961) and Shadowbox (Macmillan 1970).

Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Copyright (c) 2010 Stanley Noyes and Vox Audio, PO Box 594 Magdalena NM 8782S

Tracklist: Stanley Noyes Reads from Faces and Spirits (1974) 1. from Homage To Win Scott, 1910-1968 2. Under Jicarita Peak 3. A Sunday Drive | from Beyond the Mountains Beyond the Mountains (1977) 4. Beyond Borrega Mesa 5. The Old Cemetery at Glenbrook, Nevada from The Commander of Dead Leaves (1984) 6. The New Maid | from Annus Mirabilis, A Peripatetic Calendar (2003) 7. Spring, Santa Fe | from Alles Kaputt (2007) 9. Crossroads 10. Reconnaissance, 1945 11. Firing Across the Rhine 12. Only Boys, Only Men 13. POW, 1945 14. Alles Kaputt 15. Sweet Surrender 16. Partytime 17. Beauty in the Conquered City 18. Gamblers 19. Kilroy Was There 20. In the Shadows 21. The Last Comanche Code Talker Dies 22. The Message


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