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strives to publish works of the highest quality and present them in a manner that enhances the reader’s experience. Our aim is to approach the production of our work the same way a poet approaches the poem — everything has a purpose.


was founded as an online literary journal by Publisher David McNamara in Seattle, Washington in November of 2000. In the autumn of 2004, desiring to return to the print medium, plans were made to relaunch sunnyoutside as an independent press in Somerville, Massachusetts. After nearly a year of planning and preparations, our first sale was made on May 5, 2005, just preceding McNamara’s graduation from Emerson College’s Certificate in Publishing graduate program. In August 2007 the press relocated to Buffalo, New York.


is member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, the Letterpress Guild of New England, and the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative, where McNamara serves on the Advisory Board. Many of Sunnyoutside books have been purchased and archived by the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and our poetry titles are purchased and archived by the University at Buffalo (Buffalo, New York). Most of our poetry titles are also archived at the Poets House (New York, New York).

David McNamara holds a BA in English Language from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a graduate Certificate in Publishing from Emerson College. Additionally, he has studied poetry at Long Island University, Ohio State University, Wroxton College (United Kingdom), and The Poets’ House (Ireland).


has a range of in-house resources, including two presses (a Kelsey Excelsior and a Craftsmen Superior), two Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers (one color), and a Canon photo printer. We also work closely with other printers and binderies to competitively outsource work.

More on David McNamara can be read here…


Breaking it Down

Flash fiction by Rusty Barnes

Cover photograph by Stephanie Pratt

104 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-03-3 | 4.5″ x 5.5″, trade paperback | First edition | Release date: November 8, 2007

“Breaking it Down is a tiny book. It slips easily into a pocket, which is, I think, the perfect format for a collection of flash fiction. Barnes writes about rural people. His characters are poor and damaged and often larger than the stories they inhabit. Barnes has a way of breaking a scene down into just a few words of well tuned description and a hint of stage direction. He crafts rich, full characters. In this book are stories that are more concerned with people than literary artifice. That’s a bit shocking these days. It’s also very welcome.” — Bookmunch

Rusty Barnes

grew up in rural northern Appalachia. He received his B.A. from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and his M.F.A. from Emerson College. His fiction, poetry and non-fiction have appeared in many journals. After editing fiction for the Beacon Street Review (now Redivider) and Zoetrope All-Story Extra, he co-founded Night Train, a recently reinvented literary journal, which has been featured in the Boston Globe, The New York Times, and on National Public Radio. Sunnyoutside Press published a collection of his flash fiction in November 2007. If you want to know more, check these links to an interview conducted by Wayne Yang of Eight Diagrams: Part I, Part II, Part III. Or, friend him at MySpace.

Much more on Rusty Barnes can be found here…

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Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm

Poems by Christopher Cunningham

62 pages. ISBN 978-0-9769857-7-8 | 5″ x 8″, trade paperback | Features a letterpress-printed cover hand-painted by the author. | First edition of 100

“Mr. Cunningham’s eighth chapbook is no mere wisp of a stapled chap…but a formally bound book. … The poems inside Flowers do justice to the presentation. Succinct and imagistic, Cunningham’s poems brought me into nameless towns, bedsides strewn with cold sheets, grayness through windows, and the feeling one gets awakening yet again to ‘a bleeding morning,’ ‘waiting on the sun.’ There are only 100 copies in this first run, and I’m buying mine now, so hurry! This is a rare find.” — The Guild of Outsider Writers.

A strange freak improvising upon an old IBM typewriter, Cunningham prefers leathery Bordeaux wines, mid-sixties Miles Davis, and sleeping past noon whenever possible. He’s published seven books of poetry, including Thru the Heart of This Animal Life, A Measure of Impossible Humor (Liquid Paper Press, 2005), and And Still The Night Left To Go: Poems & Letters (Bottle of Smoke Press, 2006). Cunningham lives with his girlfriend of sixteen years and his dog of one year in a dusty suburban compound outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He can be reached here…

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€ 25.00

My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses

A letterpress-printed text by Christopher Fritton

20 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-06-4 | 4″ x 4″, hand-stitched chapbook | First edition | Release date: 2008

The text is Bembo, cast by Swamp Press. The papers are Neenah Classic Laid and Mohawk Via, both of which contain recycled fibers. Hand-set, printed, and bound by Christopher Fritton and David McNamara. Printed at Paradise Press in Buffalo, New York.

“Christopher Fritton gives us a kiss; he gives us all the thoughts perceived by him, behind a long kiss, an intimate kiss. He whispers in our ear as only a lover can. We are privy to something special. We alone, are the only ones to ever be loved in this new way, everlasting, evermore, that has ever been, that will ever be.” —Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Christopher Fritton is a poet who wishes he was an artist who wishes he was a musician. He received a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Poetics from SUNY at Buffalo. Subsequently he earned his MA in Poetics at the University of Maine, Orono. He is the editor/assembler of Ferrum Wheel and the organizer of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. He lives and works in Buffalo, New York.

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A Paper Ark

A poem in five parts by Nathan Graziano

Art by David Woodson. Saddle-stitched. Quarter-sized. 12 pages.

“This is a five-section poem, accompanied by pictures of how to make a paper ark. It does okay as a stand-alone poem….” — The Blind Man’s Rainbow

“A pretty decent poem about a leaky roof, a less-than-dream wedding, a baby, a less-than-handy poet and a paper boat. Diagrams of how to fold a paper boat run opposite the poem. … Worth checking out.” — Michael Kriesel

Nathan Graziano currently lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with his beautiful wife Liz and two beautiful children, Paige and Owen. He teaches English at Pembroke Academy in Pembroke, New Hampshire.

In 2002, his first hardcover collection of fiction Frostbite was published by the now-defunct Green Bean Press. In October of 2003, his first full-length collection of poetry Not So Profound was also published by Green Bean Press. He is the author of seven chapbooks (including a trilogy with his good friend, Dan Crocker),several broadsides of poetry and fiction, and some spoken word CD’s. His work has been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and resoundingly denied. In 2005, Honey, I’m Home and was released by Sunnyoutside Press. His latest collection, Teaching Metaphors was published by Sunnyoutside Press in May of 2007 and named Best Local Collection of Poetry by The Hippo Press for that year.

Graziano was born, the seventh son of the seventh son, in 1975 and grew up in West Warwick, Rhode Island, the home of winners. He did his undergraduate work at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, lived a year in Las Vegas, and has since been living back in New England where he’s smack-dab in Red Sox country and can watch them on cable (although another ten minutes of listening to Jim Rice give “analysis” might drive him postal). He’s currently a part-time graduate student in the MFA program in fiction writing at the University of New Hampshire and slated to finish in 2052.

His poetry, stories, non-fiction and reviews has been published by some of the following print journals, zines and newspapers: Rattle, Night Train, Front & Centre, The Louisiana Review, Nerve Cowboy, The Owen Wister Review, The Chiron Review, Main Street Rag, The DublinQuarterly (Ireland), The Nashua Telegraph, The Hippo Press, The Leaflet, Controlled Burn, Poesy, The Coe Review, The MeadoW and many others. In his spare time, he writes bios about himself in the third-person.

More on Nathan Graziano can be found here…

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Honey, I’m Home

A collection of poetry by Nathan Graziano

Cover art by David Woodson. ISBN 0-9769857-0-5 | Saddle-stitched. 56 pages. | Edition of 200

“Graziano paints a path into real life. He draws out of us the secrets we bury deep, the feelings we never share. His poetry is about life: marriage, children, friends, depression, our past. He’s not hiding anything. He bears it all—on paper—for everyone to read. Graziano doesn’t deal in the metaphysical, spiritual, or the complex. He focuses on life as moments; insignificant until strung together.” — Controlled Burn

“I cannot say enough about the production, but really the poetry makes it worthwhile (Who picks up a chap for nice layout? Just me). Graziano’s poetry is honest, observational, and (very often) amusing. Poems like ‘Ambiguity’ made me laugh out loud, as Graziano tries to explain pregnancy to his step-daughter. … An impressive collection.” — The Blind Man’s Rainbow

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 10.00

Teaching Metaphors

Poems by Nathan Graziano

76 pages. ISBN | 5″ x 8″, 978-0-9769857-9-2 | trade paperback | First edition | Release date: June 7, 2007

“Manchester poet Nathan Graziano returns with a sometimes funny but often sobering look at the life of a teacher. … It’s a powerful book, as fine a collection of working-class poetry as anything Carl Sandburg’s ‘Big Shoulders’ could have concocted had Sandburg been a teacher.” — The Hippo

“Graziano effectively balances cool observation with dry humor, understated empathy and, yes, affection, for students and colleagues. Despite his self-deprecation, it’s clear he works as hard at teaching as he does writing. He’s serious about both. Teaching Metaphors takes a serious look at high school culture and teaches readers something about that world and, perhaps, themselves.” — Concord Monitor

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€ 20.00

Diminishing Returns

Poems by Karl Koweski

Cover photograph by the author | 40 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-01-9 | 5″ x 8″, saddle-stitched, printed on felt papers | First edition of 150 | Release date: September 6, 2007

“Koweski’s brutally honest take on life, wife, sex, debauchery, and children (naturally) is smart and witty. Whether the poetic tales are fact or fable, one never questions the existence of that person or moment somewhere in this world or somewhere in time. Notable in the collection is the title poem, “Diminishing Returns”, which describes the juxtaposition of the past and present of a Wild West theme town, and of a boy’s naiveté and man’s cynicism..” — MONDO magazine

“Mr. Koweski clearly enjoys telling stories, and he is good at it. In Diminishing Returns, most of the poems involve a narrative structure: a family road trip, an interaction between lovers or friends, an anecdote about the foibles of child-raising. These are not philosophical forays, nor art objects concerned with their own beauty. Rather, they are snapshots of people’s lives, full of humor and an offbeat view of our daily experience. … He writes of the ugly, the ridiculous, the absurd, and the disturbing. We should all have such bravery.” — Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Karl Koweski was born in the north to die in the south. From his house trailer atop Alabama’s second highest mountain he lives the life of a country boy as dictated by John Denver. He writes all manner of stories both pornographic and non.

An interview with Karl Koweski can be read here…

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€ 15.00

Rumors of Electricity

Poems by Richard Krech

36 pages. ISBN 978-0-9769857-5-4 | 5″ x 7″, saddle-stitched | Second impression | Release date: May 8, 2008

“…[T]hese pieces give the simple pleasure of quick visits to unfamiliar, exotic, even strange, places. We feel ‘nostalgia for a place/ we’ve never been’ (‘After Atget’) on many pages. … I can’t tell, in these poems, whether the familiar conquers the strange or vice versa. The balance between how foreign the people and places are and how, at the same time, identical to us they are—how there and here are so different, so much the same—that balancing swerves about everywhere in the poems, which are busy ‘questioning the relative consistency / of impermanence.” — The Time Garden

Richard Krech was born in 1946 and grew up in Berkeley, California. He became involved in civil rights activities in 1963 and started writing soon thereafter. His first book was published by d.a. levy in 1967. Krech published a poetry magazine and organized a series of poetry readings on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley from 1966 to 1969. After a decades-long hiatus, Krech began writing poetry again early this century. In 1976 he went to law school and has been practicing criminal defense in Oakland, California since 1980. His practice has included everything from murder to shoplifting as well as pro bono representation of anti-war demonstrators and others similarly situated. His acclaimed collection of poetry In Chambers: The Bodhisattva of the Public Defender’s Office (sunnyoutside) was inspired by his legal experience. Krech has traveled frequently to Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. He has three children, three grandchildren, and lives with his wife Mary Holbrook in Albany, California.

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€ 15.00

In Chambers

Law-inspired poems by Richard Krech

48 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-04-0 | 6″ x 9″, trade paperback – First edition | Release date: February 28, 2008

“The impact of Buddhism is familiar in the non-academic stream of American poetry since the fifties. It keeps rowdy company thru passing references in Ginsberg and hangs around with evergreens in Snyder. These are two among hundreds. In Krech there is a feel of a serious study and practice of Buddhism, not evident in every poem that cries Bodhisattva. The poems insinuate how Buddhist principles are carried into his legal practice.” — The Time Garden

“Law and poetry…two things one never thought would be seen together now are in a delightful combination in Richard Krech’s In Chambers: The Bodhisattva of the Public Defender’s Office. A charming blend of excellent lyrical poetry and a touch of legal philosophy, promoting the rights, freedom, and dignity of everyone whether they be on the defense or the plaintiff. In Chambers: The Bodhisattva of the Public Defender’s Office is a highly recommended to poetry collections who seek a little something different for a change.” — Midwest Book Review

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A work of short fiction by Alexander Parsons

Featuring prints of original woodcuts by Adrian Rodriguez. ISBN 0-9769857-1-3 | Hand-stitched binding. 28 pages. Signed by the author. Printed on Mohawk Via Portfolio Natural 80# Text and Wasau Royal Complements Haute Red 100# Cover. 7″x7″. Edition of 300

“I was eagerly anticipating this release from sunnyoutside, as I heard that the woodcut illustrations were commissioned specifically for the project. I was not disappointed in the design and quality of the publication; it’s great. However, I was not expecting the strange and upsetting tale that actually is Thunderbird. … The six woodcuts add to the overall texture of the publication. As with all sunnyoutside productions, quite a lot of work went into the choosing of paper, font, binding, and all other points of production.”– Blind Man’s Rainbow

Alexander Parsons about Alexander Parsons “I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was an accident-prone dirt biker, a so-so martial artist, and a slow distance runner with a high pain threshold. After high school I left for the wetlands of Connecticut to attend Wesleyan University, where I studied and ran. Badly. Later, I kicked around in New York and D.C. and South America, working mainly as an editor and free-lance writer. No odd jobs scraping gum from sidewalks, digging bird guano, or cage fighting, I’m afraid (though I have done some auto repossession).

I picked up an MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and an MA at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. There, I increased my pain threshold by virtue of exposure to the searing sun and the habañero chile pepper. I framed my diplomas and moved to Austin the year my first novel, Leaving Disneyland, was published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press after winning the 2001 A.W.P. Series Award for the Novel. My second novel, In the Shadows of the Sun, was published by Nan A. Talese Books and was chosen a 2005 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection.

I now teach fiction writing at the University of Houston as an assistant professor in both the undergraduate and graduate writing programs in the Creative Writing Program.” Alexander Parsons about Alexander Parsons

More on Alexander Parsons can be found here…

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

“god made me funky” & others

Poems & photography by Maxine Perella

11″x17″ on Hammermill Ivory 20 lbs. Text .

“This is a broadside with poems only by Perella, as well as photographs of hers in the background. There is a range of styles in the seven poems, but most of them are story-telling and paragraph-style—the lines do not break but rather spill over into the next. Perhaps because she is British, I was enamoured with her language. It felt very fresh, which is unusual because I read a lot of poetry. Wonderful word choice abounds and it is a strong group.” — The Blind Man’s Rainbow

“Perella’s broadside flows from poem to poem in scattered lucidity. Pointed with religious, Shakespearian, and mythical overtones, Perella’s poems challenge the reader to see these same shades in their own life. … If you allow, as Perella writes, ‘the trust of strangers to shake you awake’ you will not be disappointed. This stranger bears the gift of intellectual verse.–  Ibbetson Update

Broadside version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 10.00

Dream Big, Work Harder

Poetry by Rebecca Schumejda

48 pages. ISBN 0-9769857-6-4 | Featuring original cover art by Nathan Graziano | 6.5″ x 8″; saddle-stitched; full color cover | First edition

“The elegance of [“Falling into Hot Tar“] made the entire collection for me. Although I had expected at least some mention of Schumejda’s father somewhere in the collection, I was not prepared for such a well-written and beautifully described tribute. … Schumejda makes the beauty of common situations tangible. Worth the EURO 10 and then some.” — Blind Man’s Rainbow

“Many of the poems in this fine collection deal with the poet’s concessions to domesticity—the promise of youth versus the realities of being an adult. In the poem ‘The Happy Ever After’ Schumejda skillfully defines the dichotomy between the different phases in her life: the endless horizons of youth versus domestic routine…. There are many well-crafted poems about marriage, the poet’s father, and her relentless quest for meaning in the pedestrian.” — Doug Holder

More on Rebecca Schumejda can be found here…

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

Modern Love

Fiction by Andrew Scott

featuring original art by Ed Herrera

36 pages. ISBN 0-9769857-4-8 | 6″ x 6″, hand-stitched, letterpress-printed cover, printed on linen papers | First edition of 200 | Release date: August 10, 2006

“Andrew Scott’s Modern Love is the type of short story that I like—it is spare, succint, has great pace and dialogue, yet the story’s undercurrent (that which is not written but is there nonetheless) makes this short fiction feel more like a novel. … Modern Love is also nicely illustrated. It’s a higher-end sort of chapbook…. Scott tells a full story in a few pages in Modern Love, something easier said than done. This is a fine wee book from an enterprising New England micro press.” — Front&Centre

“We barely meet her, him yet less—yet their shift in perspective matches personal changes any reader has seen—the result is believable, not dramatic; the sort of small surprise we commonly adjust to, though this is the story of major, unexpected changes. The gap between feeling and consequence is artfully done, perhaps depicting the narrator’s own basic vacancy.” — Small Press Review

Andrew Scott earned an MFA in creative writing from New Mexico State University, where he worked as an editor for Puerto del Sol. He teaches writing at Ball State University and lives in Indianapolis. He can be found here…

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 15.00

Shell Games

Poems by Noel Sloboda

56 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-08-8 | 5″ x 8″, trade paperback [ First edition | Release date: July 31, 2008

“Shell Games is a step to the other side of the mirror, a Wonderland of new perspectives and fresh concepts on daily life. It is an adventure: intense, unusual perceptions set down in thoughtful understatement. Noel’s book is pure poetry, at once clarifying and deepening the mystery of our human experience.“ — Carol Clark Williams, Poet Laureate of the city of York, Pennsylvania

Noel Sloboda lives in Pennsylvania, where he serves as dramaturg for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival. He has taught both high school and college, and currently works at Penn State York, where he has earned awards for teaching and advising. His work on Shakespearean film adaptations has appeared in Studies in the Humanities and in the collection In/Fidelity: Essays on Film Adaptation (Cambridge Scholars Press). He has contributed to the Encyclopedia of American Literature, the Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction, the Student’s Companion to American Literary Characters, and the Literary Contexts series. His creative work has appeared in venues based in Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 15.00

And the Weary Are at Rest

Poems by Andrew Taylor

32 pages.
ISBN 978-1-934513-10-1 | 5″ x 8″, hand-stitched | First edition | Release date: June 12, 2008

“Liverpool’s Andrew Taylor (founder of erbracce-press) has managed to captured the raw and honest conflict of death, and with his latest release of And the Weary are at Rest he shares all of these views with the world. Through out the carefully crafted pages, Andrew covers many different forms of death, death of a marriage, death of a season, death of a thought, and naturally end of physical life itself. Concise and surprisingly filled with life, Taylor puts the weary to rest with grace and class.’“ — What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

“In 21 poems over 32 pages, Andrew Taylor’s survivor-grief absorbs anything & everything into itself as it cycles & recycles everything he knows, knew, sees, saw as his mind gradually regenerates itself while it ‘focuses on one of life’s major considerations—mortality.’“ — Bill Costley

Andrew Taylor lives and works in Liverpool. He is widely published online and in print. He is co-editor and founder of the journal erbacce and erbacce Press.

More on Andrew Taylor can be found here…

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 15.00

“As the Days and Hours Pass” & others

A mini-chap of peotry by William Taylor Jr.

8.5″ x 5.5″, on Hammermill Gray 67 lbs. Cover and Neenah UV Ultra II White 17 lbs. Writing Vellum

“McNamara, a recent graduate of the Emerson College publishing program, is involved with a lot of different projects, and he likes to experiment with format, paper, etc… This broadside is really a thin chap, with ordinary gray cover stock, and waxy transparent paper inside. This paper makes for faded print. This may be for affect— but I find it a bit distracting. However…the poems are excellent. Taylor paints a well-studied portrait of a stoic old man, as well.  — Ibbetson Update

William Taylor Jr. was born in Bakersfield, California and currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and a cat named Trouble. His poetry and stories have appeared widely in the small press and on the internet. He is the author of numerous chapbooks and his work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Chap Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 10.00

So Much Is Burning

Poems and photography by William Taylor Jr.

48 pages. ISBN 0-9769857-2-1 | 5″ x 8″, trade paperback | Printed on Mohawk 50/10 Ultra 32# paper | Release date: April 13, 2006

“The eyes of a poet often find beauty in rubble, and hope in a sea of sadness. So Much Is Burning by William Taylor Jr. is a study of poetic transcendence, an examination undertaken by a writer well suited to seeing common miracles. Taylor’s work conveys longing as well any poet writing today. … So Much Is Burning demonstrates why Taylor has attracted such a devoted following in the small press. … This collection is grounded in place and set on the humble stage known as the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.” — Charles P. Ries (Also published in Small Press Review, ULA Book Review, FireWeed, and others.)

“In this new collection Taylor writes of his hometown of San Francisco and in the tradition of Winans and Bukowski he covers the “waterfront,” with all its downtrodden denizens and their gone-to-seed milieu. The production of the book is quite winning. … Taylor has an engaging, dreamy aspect to his work. It is infused with a sweet melancholy. He is obviously influenced by the ‘Buk,’ and Winans, but still has his own unique style.” — Doug Holder

More on William Taylor Jr. can be found here…

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

Only the Dead Know Albany

poems by Alan Catlin

32 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-11-8 | 5″ x 8″, chapbook | First edition | Release date: August 21, 2008

Alan Catlin has been writing and publishing street scenes since the late ’70s. His first book of poetry, Animal Acts, about his experiences as a nightclub bar manager, was deemed the most neglected book of poetry of 1984 by Marvin Malone, the legendary editor of the Wormwood Review.

Since then he has published dozens of books and chapbooks about his going to, coming from, and being at work in Albany, New York, where he was a bartender at the Washington Tavern for twenty-five years. He has since retired to work on his fictional memoirs.

Chap Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

Swimming Back

by Taylor Altman

56 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-07-1 | 5″ x 8″, trade paperback | First edition | Release date: August 28, 2008

“Taylor Altman has progressed more rapidly over the past few years than any young poet I know. Her work now possesses a hard-won clarity and depth, remarkable in a writer still in her twenties, and she is able to write of profound (and our profoundly shared) human experiences with genuine authority. ‘No one is young by the end/of their travels; their minds/are numbed by splendor,’ she writes, and I can only marvel and concur.” — Franz Wright, author of Walking to Martha’s Vineyard (2004 Pulitzer Prize)

“This new collection, one that’s an exciting promise for what Taylor Altman’s future will be as a poet, is remarkable for its clarity, and for her disciplined and effective art. These poems are emotionally expressive and descriptively vivid. But there’s nothing accidental about them. This young poet is unusually aware of what her objectives are and how to realize them.” — David Ferry, author of Of No Country I Know (2000 Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry)

“Still in her twenties, Taylor Altman already shows a masterful ear and eye. In poems like ‘Fog,’ ‘Salt,’ and ‘Before Rush Hour,’ she matches her formal, sonic tensions with an intense attunement to the world of objects. She dwells in a space that remains, as Stevens would have it, ‘So far beyond the casual solitudes.’” — Peter Campion, author of Other People

Taylor Altman was born and raised on Long Island. A graduate of Stanford University and the Creative Writing Program at Boston University, she currently resides in Las Vegas, where she teaches English at the College of Southern Nevada. This is her first book.

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

Feeding My Heart to the Wind

Poems by Michael Kriesel

28 pages. ISBN 978-0-9769857-3-0 | 4″ x 5.5″, saddle-stitched | Third impression of 100 | Release date: April 10, 2008

“The imagery and power of these poems remains consistent from page to page, and Kriesel’s masterful economy of his words is something that any haiku fan can appreciate. I would strongly recommend this book to any reader of short poetry. The book is short enough to be read in one sitting, but will keep you turning back to it again and again.” — Haiku & Horror

“Michael has published some excellent work in Lillie over the years and I was delighted to see this collection. … Get a hold of a copy of this; you won’t be disappointed.” — Lilliput Review

Michael Kriesel lives in the central Wisconsin countryside. Other books include Chasing Saturday Night: Poems About Rural Wisconsin and Sailor on a Greyhound. Michael is a widely-published poet and reviewer. He’s written reviews for Small Press Review, and Library Journal. His poems have appeared in over 200 journals including North American Review, The Progressive, and Nimrod.

Winner of the Council for Wisconsin Writers 2003 Lorine Niedecker Poetry Prize and recipient of an Honorable Mention from the North American Review’s 2008 Hearst Competition, Michael is a member of the State Poet Laureate Commission, the Conference Coordinator for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, and a lifelong Wisconsin resident except for ten years in the Navy as a TV journalist and newspaper editor.

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 15.00

Three Poems

A folded broadside of peotry by Michael Kriesel

Featuring illustrations by Claudio Parentela. | 17″ x 5.5″, folded to 4.25″ x 5.5″, on Wasau Blue 24 lbs. Text

“A neatly folded broadside featuring 3 poems by Michael Kriesel accompanied by 3 drawings by the ubiquitous Claudio Parentela. This duo has teamed up before, always w/ stunning results. The surrealistic madness of Parentela’s images contrasts starkly & effectively w/ Kriesel’s poems of quiet passion, like the illumination of the bottom 85 or 90% of a stately iceberg.” — From the Marrow

“This is a fold-out collection of three Kriesel poems and three Parentela paintings. The title poem is a nice one to own: ‘you were a ghost on mossy feet that time you took me with you / and I stepped on every twig and crunchy leaf until / the whole woods thought my name was Jesus Christ.” For a EURO, three intriguing Kriesel poems and nicely chosen Parentela art.” — The Blind Man’s Rainbow

Broadside version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 10.00

Wee Hour Martyrdom

Poems by Jason Tandon

76 pages.
ISBN 978-1-934513-05-7 | 5″ x 8″, trade paperback | First edition | Release date: March 20, 2008

“Less is more — a commonly repeated proverb. In Wee Hour Martyrdom, poet and award winning author Jason Tandon aims to follow that wisdom with his vivid, and deftly crafted poetry. Tackling the simple emotions and challenges of human behavior, Tandom touches on it all. Wee Hour Martyrdom would make a fine addition to any poetry fan’s collection and community library collections as well. — Midwest Book Review

“This is a book about everyday life, and how painful or pleasant it can be. [Tandon] has the ability to observe situations and paint such vivid pictures no matter how small or meaningless the situation may be.” — What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

Jason Tandon was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1975. He is the author of Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt, winner of the St. Lawrence Book Award from Black Lawrence Press (due out in 2009). He is also the author of two chapbooks, Rumble Strip (also from sunnyoutside) and Flight, both of which were nominated for the 2008 Massachusetts Book Award. His poems were twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2007 and have appeared in many journals, including New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Columbia Poetry Review, The Laurel Review, Poetry International, Poet Lore, and Fugue. Tandon holds a BA and MA in English from Middlebury College and an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. He lives in Hadley, Massachusetts with his wife and their dog Fergus.

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 20.00

Rumble Strip

Poems by Jason Tandon

36 pages. ISBN 978-0-9769857-8-5 | 5″ x 8″, saddle-stitched, printed on linen papers | First edition of 200 | Release date: April 19, 2007

“While [Tandon] writes mainly in free-verse stanzas, he constructs his lines sharply and also includes a sonnet. … Rumble Strip…is admirably produced and pleasing to read.” — Small Press Review

“You have to travel Rumble Strip with an empty satchel and an open heart to see into the specific depths of nature coinciding with man’s often destructive symbols, but the reward is that you can see it all through a trained poet’s eyes that show you how to step, how to breathe, and how to live without ever suffering what befalls us all in the end.” — Paul B. Roth, editor & publisher, The Bitter Oleander Press

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The Sea Never Drowns

Poems by Jason Heroux

original cover art by Doni Conner

28 pages. ISBN 978-1-934513-02-6 | 5″ x 8″, saddle-stitched, printed on felt papers | First edition of 150 | Release date: October 18, 2007

“Jason Heroux takes one on a journey through what could be considered mundane happenings in life if they were not all laden with an array of haunting images. He artfully animates objects and weather patterns into living, breathing images. Each poem, no matter how small, finds the sadness of life that hides in the space below the surface most of us see. The poems themselves are not depressing yet are dark enough to make one think with a far off stare that often accompanies deep sadness. … The book is a slow moving melancholy that creeps its way into your very being. At times, I found my eyes wet with tears, with a heaviness in my chest that made me clutch the book to me. I have not been so moved by a collection of words in a long time.” — The Guild of Outsider Writers

Jason Heroux is the author of the poetry collection Memoirs of an Alias (Mansfield Press, 2004). His poems were selected for Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets and his work has appeared in literary journals in Canada, the United States, Belgium, England, Ireland, India, and Algeria. He lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain

Poems by Doug Holder

28 pages.
ISBN 978-1-934513-00-2 | Featuring original cover art by Ed Herrera | 5″ x 8″, saddle-stitched, recycled fiber papers | First edition of 150 | Release date: April 26, 2007

“No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain” is…engaging and accessible. The topics are self reflection and relationships, especially those that end. He still exercises that eye for the absurd amid the mundane…. Doug Holder [is] a poet of the people, not absorbed in navel gazing language games but reaching out and shaking readers awake.” — Main Street Rag

“Holder’s work here is rich with textual imagery. A stranger’s laugh becomes an ‘astringent mixture of the hilarious and sinister.’ Rain is a ‘spectral tapping on the roof.’ These are words of a master poet who sees the world clearly and shares that vision generously with readers.” — Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

“With confidence and occasional flashes of humor, these are poems (lamentations / meditations) on what was, is, and ultimately will be. They are strong and unapologetic in both their rage and acceptance, offering up a clear view of the truth—that no one gets out of here alive.” — Gloria Mindock, Cervená Barva Press

Doug Holder was born in Manhattan on July 5, 1955. A small press activist, he founded the Ibbetson Street Press (Somerville, Massachusetts) in 1998. Holder is a co-founder of The Somerville News Writers Festival and is the curator of the Newton Free Library Poetry Series, both in Massachusetts. His work has appeared in such magazines as Rattle, Doubletake, The Boston Globe Magazine, Poesy, Small Press Review, Artword Quarterly, Manifold (UK), The Café Review, the new renaissance, and many others. He holds an MA in Literature from Harvard University.

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