Sureau | Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg | Jean Demey | Kris Vanderstraeten | Gianni Mimmo | Enzo Rocco | The Leuven Concert

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg – voice | Jean Demey – double bass | Kris Vanderstraeaten – percussions | Gianni Mimmo – soprano sax | Enzo Rosso – guitar


Live at Oratorienhof, Leuven, Belgium, October the 22nd 2009 as part of a tour organized by Sons Libérés / Inaudible. Recording, mixing and mastering by Michaël W. Huon ( ) Picture by Kris Vanderstreaten.

SETOLA DI MAIALE – musiche non convenzionali | a network of independent musicians dedicated to research in experimental and improvised music.

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

The SUREAU trio

trio is playing free spontaneous improvisations based on mutual listening, musical invention and sound exploration. Double bass , voice and percussion. This collective music is shaped with our own very individual sounds research since years of practice and reflection with the help of our imagination. Extended techniques and tangent interactive thinking. These five new tracks of the whole concert in Leuven’s Oratorium 22 oct ’09 is a good starting point for the listener and one crucial step in our evolution.

Percussionnist Kris Vanderstraeten has built his own drum kit himself with selected small drums (chinese or not, homemade or found objects), a snare and his own 15 cm width bass drum. He is also an appreciated poster and cd cover artist ( see Sureau and Mercelis Concert) and performs with Timo Van Luyck /Af Ursin, in solo, duo with percussionnist Eric Thielemans and in the Viatka trio with pianist Ben Trischy & bassist Rui Salgado. With Jean Demey they have performed with dancer Juylen Hamilton & pianist Marjolaine Charbin.

Bass player Jean Demey played the first Free Music Wim Festivals in the early seventies (Antwerpen and Ghent) with Peter Kowald’s brother in law, the dutch sax legend Kris Wanders (check Globe Unity 1st Lp & Fred Van Hove Requiem on Saba). Now he concentrates on sculpting with the wild string ‘n wood natural sound of his double bass. He has performed hundreds of concerts with a.o Arabesque & lutist Hasan Erraji, kora master N’Faly Kouyaté, raï singers Cheb Mimoun and Cheb Khaled. Current group is Shikari on darbukka and clarinet with sitarist Jakke Moens, also w Kris Joris/Laurent Blondiau. Performed with Alfred 23 Harth, Kees Hazevoet, Noah Howard, Beaver Harris, Kris Joris, Laurent Blondiau, A Goudbeeck, Jiji Duerinckx, Tony Bevan and Inaudible….. Solo performance with sculpture exhibitions in Flanders and Paris. Jean Demey has performed on the five continents : most countries in Europe, in Asia, Africa, North America and Australia as bass player, percussionnist, clarinettist and composer. See

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

counts among the few male improv singers of the scene having explored many facets of the human voice : overtones, mouth sounds, throat singing, yodels and a very low larynx singing, invented languages, chant diphonique, countertenor register, falsetto, etc… works in Inaudible collective since the mid-eighties. Duos with pianist Marjolaine Charbin, guitarist John Russell, sax alto Audrey Lauro. Groups with Adelheid Sieuw, Jean Demey, Jan Huib Nas, John Russell, Gianni Mimmo , Angelo Contini. Performed with Javier Carmona, Paul Dunmall, Lawrence Casserley, Dan Warburton, Pascal Marzan, Paul Hubweber, Gianni Mimmo, Stefano Giust, Enzo Rocco, etc…. Works with Composer Dario Palermo (Trance fr Voice and Electronics premiered in Norwich’s UEA), and composer Roald Baudoux (Comprovision). Work with moviemaker Peter Strickland (Katalin Varga) on Berberian Sound Studio film in 2010.

Two concerts of SUREAU of 26th may and 6th september 2008 included alto-sax improviser Frans Van Isacker. The quartet configuration improved the actual independance of each player. As a quartet with Frans, SUREAU is finding subtle ways of interaction and an higher variety in the call – and – responses. Frans Van Isacker is a demanded player on the belgian jazz scene and has worked intensively with pianist Marjolaine Charbin as kryscraft, herself playing in duo with JM Van Schouwburg. Lastly, Charbin, Demey & Vanderstraeten united to perform with dancers Julyen Hamilton and Daphni Stephanou. This new trio has made some concerts. Check the pages of these duos among our top-friends on myspace.

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

The SUREAU trio

is born on 12th august 07 during Scheld’Apen/ Radio Centraal “Bevrijdt de Muziek”. Jean Demey was booked as a duo and his colleague didn’t show up. So JMVS proposed him to join their duo with Kris Vanderstraeten. The trio concert was successful, so they decided to continue. They went into the Odeon 120 Studio in Brussels the 23th october 2007 and they recorded the Sureau suite in one take and the following tracks during a three hours session (+100 minutes of music) with the help of the great Michaël W.Huon. Kris Vanderstraeten is responsible of the five SUREAU artworks.Performed the noisy Hard Gaan / De Belgïe in Hasselt (with Timo/Af Ursin on prepared dblbass) and the Bar Archiduc, a Brussels tiny club, opening for Schlippenbach/ Parker / Lovens for a crowd of 150. Also: Mana – Art Gallery, the Chapelle de Boondael, L’Ecurie RTT and Bokal Royal in Brussels, Liège’s L’An Vert,… ‘t Werkhuys in Antwerp/ Borgerhout, Oratorium Leuven and Free Essen Festival in 2009.

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

Both Kris Vanderstraeten and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg are playing together since 1985 on and off. Their first duo voice / percussion was recorded on a cassette in 1997. J-MVS started vocals around 96-97. Jean Demey & JMVS met musically in the Inaudible workshops. They are featured on the cd Mercelis Concert (Inaudible 006), a joint effort with guitar player John Russell, a legend of the free – music. Kris did the artwork. This cd contains Jean Demey ‘s solo dble bass performance and duos of Russell & JMVS. Russell, Demey and Van Schouwburg have played in Garden Gift, in a much praised concert during Hurta Cordel 2008 Madrid. J-M performed also with trombone master Paul Hubweber, percussionnist Javier Carmona. Kris and J-M performed with Phil Minton and Ute Wassermann (Sons Libérés 07 Brussels) and soprano sax master Gianni Mimmo. Also Jean and J-M played a gig with Paul Dunmall ….. Other musical partners/friends in the Belgian free scene are Jacques Foschia, Guy Strale, Adelheid Sieuw, Jan Huib Nas, Mike Goyvaerts, Jean Coulon, Jiji Duerinckx, Marco Loprieno, Pat Riské, José Bedeur, Peter Jacquemyn, André Goudbeeck, Joachim Devillé, Jacques Fauville, Thomas Olbrechts, Nicole Legros, Margarida Guia, Ismaël Colombani, Pat Wichers, Giles Thomas, Marjolaine Charbin, Frans van Isacker, Audrey Lauro, Rui Salgado, Rik Staelens, Benjamin Bertrand and many others….

sureau | jean-michel van schouwburg | jean demey | kris vanderstreaten | gianni mimmo | enzo rocco | the leuven concert

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