Suzanne Lummis and Margaret Randall Read at the Anasazi Field Winery | Vox Audio

reading was part of the 2010 Duende Reading Series Recorded in Placitas, NM September 12, 2010.

Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Photos by James Gay jr. Cover by Joanna Young. Copyright 2010 Suzanne Lummis, Margaret Randall and Vox Audio P.O. Box S94 Magdalena, NM 87825

Tracklist: 1. Gary Brower Intro | 

Suzanne Lummis

2. The Man Who Delivers My Paper 3. Gin Alley 4. Red Shoes 5. Letter To My Assailant 6. My Worse Poem 7. The Fahrenheit Chronicles 8. The City In My Head Is Perfect

9. Larry Goodell Intro |

Margaret Randall

10. Nothing Was What It Pretended 11. Friday Night At The Community Center 12. Perfect Is Always What I Saw 13. Paris Is Where We Wanted To Dance 14. I Was Alone That Night 15. Decreasing Property Values 16. Gay Meant Have A Good Time 17. Weapon Of Mass Destruction 18. Where We Were 19. Among The Arugula And Spinach Dip 20. Women I Would Never Be



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