Norbert Krapf | The Country I Come From | Gazelle Books

In this collection, which includes ‘Fire and Ice,’ winner of the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, Norbert Krapf returns to the settings and themes of his highly regarded Somewhere in Southern Indiana. A writer for whom place has been a major inspiration, Krapf continues his exploration of family history, relationships between people of different ethnic backgrounds, nature, and the passage of time. He extends his meditations on the Holocaust that conclude Blue-Eyed Grass: Poems of Germany to the treatment of the Miami Indians of his native region and a racial incident from his college years. Continue reading

Sharon Niederman & Miriam Sagan | New Mexico Poetry Renaissance | Gazelle Books

This anthology incorporates biographies and work by forty-one of New Mexico’s finest poets representing diverse cultural backgrounds. Foreword by Robert Creeley; Introduction; Lucile Adler; Jimmy Santiago Baca; Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge; John Brandi; Alvaro Cardona-Hine; Ana Castillo; Denise Chavez; Judson Crews; Victor Di Suvero; Martin Edmunds; Gene Frumkin 6; Greg Glazner; Larry Goodell; Renee Gregorio; Joy Harjo; Gerald Hausman; Judyth Hill; Elizabeth Searle Lamb; Donald Levering; Harold Littlebird; Joan Logghe; Anne MacNaughton; E A Mares; Demetria Martinez; Mary McGinnis; Carol Moldaw; Linda Monacelli-Johnson; Nora Naranjo-Morse; Simon J Ortiz; V B Price; Leroy Quintana; Margaret Randall; Leo Romero; Mariam Sagan; Jim Sagel; Rebecca Seiferle; Joseph Somoza; Arthur Sze; Anne Valley-Fox; Keith Wilson; Roger Zelazny. Continue reading

Peter Jailall | Yet Another Home: Poems | Gazelle Books

These poems focus on Guyanese-Canadians no longer a new immigrant group, but a cultural group that has integrated into the Canadian mainstream. The poems address the settlement of seniors and their grandchildren in their new Canadian home. For the seniors and for the wider Canadian and Caribbean audience, the author re-entered the Guyanese culture back home to remind myself and my readers and listeners of both our new and old homes. The section “For the Young”” is suitable for all young Canadians who enjoy listening and reading poetry that talks about the emergence of a Canadian culture that always keeps renewing itself. Continue reading

Robert W. Nero | Spring Again | Gazelle Books

In this collection of poems, noted naturalist-writer, Robert Nero, offers insightful reflections on a variety of birds, from peregrine falcons, great grey owls and common ravens to pine martins and orioles. We are also offered surprising glimpses of such diverse wildlife as frogs, chipmunks, shrews, ants, dragonflies and spiders. It is nature in all seasons that holds Dr Nero’s attention as he develops intriguing views of ordinary scenes and events. But the poems in this collection also speak of love, passion and introspection, thus revealing a deeper and increasingly personal side of one of Canada’s most respected naturalists. Continue reading

Peter Richardson | A Tinker’s Picnic | Gazelle Books

These are measured, crafted poems with a vernacular edge–an earthiness–that reflect Peter Richardson’s laconic worldly look at people, places, and things. Although this is his first book, Richardson’s work has been published in Descant, The Malahat Review, Poetry (Chicago), Prism International, Queen’s Quarterly, Southern Humanities Review, Wascana Review and many other publications. Continue reading

Robert W. Nero | The Mulch Pile & Other Poems | Gazelle Books

This collection brings together a collection of poetry from the of prairie writer/naturalist Robert Nero. This collection is rather like an album of snapshots to leaf through . . . here is Bob walking the dog; here in the garden with Ruth; here pensively watching from his window. Each poem is carefully crafted to reveal the essence of one event and his appreciation of it. There is no sweeping grandeur here; these are personal vignettes. Each poem captures a poet’s impressions with startling clarity. Each thoughtfully chosen word contributes to a quiet eloquence which pervades the entire volume. Continue reading