Hubert Bergmann | Udo Schindler | Hut Ab | Mudoks Record

There’s a whole new ball game going on. Players: Pianist Hubert Bergmann and the man on the saxophone Udo Schindler. No idea what kind of game they are playing. Anyway, they’re throwing balls across a huge field of notes and keys. American Football? Well, no, the players seem too slim and subtle for that. Too smart when they’re passing the ball. Hockey? Too esoteric. This is music in a democratic vein, its communication is a matter of transparency. Improvisations for each and every member of the audience. Basketball? Handball? Soccer? Actually, who cares? Each and every ball ends up in the goal, the basket or wherever it’s supposed to go – in any case in the ears of the listener. Take your hat off and listen! — Dr. Stephan Richter Continue reading