Larry Goodell Live In Placitas | Vox Audio

Larry Goodell, born in Roswell, NM, and a resident of Placitas since 1963, Larry Goodell’s two main worlds are performing his poetry and inspiring writers through residencies in poetry writing. He feels the most basic challenge for poets now is introducing this art form to a wide audience outside of the traditional academic world and encouraging emerging writers and poets. His work as editor and publisher of duende press helps him accomplish these goals. Through his residencies, Mr. Goodell demonstrates the miraculous diversity of origins and reveals the oral power of poetry. He works together with his students to write and read and enjoy this oldest and newest subject – poetry. In his own words, “it all boils down to my entertaining and educating other people with the song-chant-word-play-lyric-satire-love-music-sentence-sung-poem writing that is my active life.” He lives in Placitas with his wife Lenore. Continue reading