Sogni di Giorno | The Music of Nazareno People | Mudoks Record

Each man can discover his nature while observing himself in action. We have discovered, playing music ,that we like. Each single music passage of this CD was not created for a “pleasant listening” as it happens for comercial music: instead, each note expresses the person who has felt something new in the reality that surrounds him. The aim of this CD-fruit of a seminar about “improvised music” and “instant composing” – was in fact that of stimulate the freedom of the subject, that is new desires which would have been satisfied together. The work done was a special occasion for our guys to get a deeper knowledge of themselves as weil as joy reality through something newly incorporated music. Music created mouvement, opened towards something new and beneficial. That’s why we can speak of aesthetical experience. Friedrich Nitzsche begins one of his famous works with this sentence: “Since just thanks to aesthetic events, both our experience and our world have their reason forever …. ” The musical seminar was a pleasant unexpected event which gave us the possibility of knowing something beyond our usual reality. — Hubert Bergmann Continue reading