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Not Two, 2013 | MW 862-2 | CD

Sabir Mateen – Tenor & Alto Saxophones, Bb & Alto Clarinets, Flutes, Poetry, Compositions | Clif Jackson – Bass | Jane Wang – Bass, Cello | Shiau-Shu Yu – Cello | Derek Washington – Violin | Raymond A. King – Piano | Ras Moshe – Tenor Saxophone, Flutes | Joe Rigby – Soprano & Baritone Saxophones, Flute | Darius Jones – Alto Saxophone | Mike Guilford – Tuba | Masahiko Kono – Trombone | Matt Lavelle – Trumpet, also on Bass Clarinet | Lewis “Flip” Barnes – Trumpet | “M” Nadar – Vocal Colourturist | Charles Downs (formerly Rashid Bakr) – Drums

Recorded March 15th 2007 @ The Stone, New York. Robert O’Hare – Engineer. All Music , Composed, Arranged And Conducted By Sabir Mateen. Photo: Lena Adasheva. Cover photo, layout & typography: Marek Wajda

Tracklist: 1. We Can Do Part One [7:49] 2. We Can Do Part Two [02:42] 3. We Can Do Part Three [06:29] 4. A Joy [10:00] 5. A Better Place Part One [06:51] 6. A Better Place Part Two [27:18] 7. Shades Of Brother Leroy Jenkins [12:47]


greetings my sisters and brothers…

i (we) really hope that you enjoy this debut recording of the jubilee ensemble. this is not a big band but an extension of the sabir mateen quartet (the name at that time, now it is called the sabir mateen ensemble). these compositions were originally composed for a small band but like most of the music i write, it can be played for any size band. this is one dream that has been fulfilled to release a large band recording.

I want to thank the creator for allowing me to be alive to do this and my fellow musicians / artists for their never ending hard work and dedication to their art and i want to thank robert o’haire, plus marek winiarski and the staff of nottwo records for giving me the opportunity to record this. peace! – sabir mateen – february 22nd 2011

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