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Tony Passarell – saxophones, organ |  Sean Lehe – guitar | Gerry Pineda – bass | Zach Hash – drums

Produced by TP4. Recorded live 11/28/2000 at Harbour Winery, West Sacramento, CA. Painting & tray photo by John J. Smith. Inside photo by Marghi M. Dedicated to Chuck Ehlis (1961 – 2000)

Tracklist: 1. how dry I am [5:53] 2. epicenter [5:58] 3. some dayglo blues [6:41] 4. re:phrygian [9:26] 5. now’s the time [8:50] 6. lefty lament [8:27] 7. g’s move [4:11]

Tony Passarell

This live recording

presented at the Harbor Winery in Sacramento California is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Ehils. The quartet weaves through an exciting set of originals and a modern arrangement of the age old traditional favorite how dry I am. If you like modern jazz then epicenter will satisfy your needs.

Musician, founder, producer, visionary, Tony Passarell covers all the bases from punk to experimental. Since 1979 he has slammed the West Coast with such groups as the Bub Orchestra, Mad Phat, Hunting Game, The Borman Six, Dutch Falconi, and Delta Head Trip. As well as performing as a leader he has been featured with John Tchicai, John Ehlis, Scott Amendola, Gino Robair, Myles Boisen, and The Lords of Outland.

He was producer of the Airwaves Jazz Festival from 1994 through 1998, and coordinated and organized the Wednesday night modern jazz series at the club On Broadway, the Fringe Arts Festival, and various visual artists shows throughout galleries in Sacramento California. In addition to performing and producing events Tony has produced numerous recordings and promoted world artists such as Charles Gayle, Bert Wilson, Myra Meford, Ben Goldberg, and Steve Coleman.


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