Trevor Watts and Jamie Harris | Ancestry

Trevor Watts and Jamie Harris | Ancestry | Entropy Stereo Recordings

Trevor Watts – saxophone | Jamie Harris – percussion

All compositions and arrangements by Trevor Watts (mcps/prs) Edited and equalized at ARC Studios, Hastings England, 2004. Recorded by Trevor Watts and Sam Watts.

Executive Producer: Mike Khoury. Design: Mark Rudolph. Inside photo: Don Barber. Cover artwork: Richard Granville-Smith

Tracklist: 1. Alpino 2. Ghetto Life was here (Memory of Cracow) 3. Sarawak 4. Balintan 5. Maribor Memories 6. Anna B 7. Coayacan 8. Sam Star 9. Strolling 10. Three and More 11. Balladinine 12. Kerrytown 13. Tandem Voices

On Ancestry, Trevor approaches improvisation in a more stripped down approach with percussionist Jamie Harris. Both Watts and Harris combine an incredible sense of rhythm with exploration and subtlety. The recordings were culled from live performances and more intimate settings at Trevor’s home studio to give a balance of the high energy of performance and relaxed musical exploration between friends. The end result is a stunning document of duo interplay on various hand percussion and reed instruments.

“Pan-Asian subtltles and bold clarity blend perfectly with ‘60s innovations in music that is somehow both dense and accessible. The continuous flow of sound is a wonder to hear as circular breathing is complemented perfectly by changing rhythmic cycles. This is a partnership not to be missed, summing up Watts’s long-fostered musical concerns with new clarity.” – – Marc Medwin –

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