ALBUzerxQUE Volume 3 | Zerx 030 | CD

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All tunes recorded in New Mexico, except #1. Mastered by Quincy. All compositions ©2000 by the artists (unless otherwise noted). fRont cOver by Mark Weber. Back cover by Ben L. Hiatt. ZERX RECORDS, 725 Van Buren Place SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108


Tracklist: 1. STEFAN DILL & JOHN JASNOCH guitars “Dil-Jasnoch 1” Sheffield, England, 13nov97 2. STEVEN MILLER “The Flow of Time” 16july00

3. LISA GILL poem XXXVI from “Letters To A Dead Trappist”, 2july00 4. BONEFIED “Trombonisphere” 22may00 live at the Outpost, Steve Feld, Mark Weaver, J. A.Deane, Kurt Heyl, Gary Sherman – trombones, Jefferson Voorhees, drumset 5. BUBBADINOS “Walkin’ Through” 11june00 6. JAZZ CHAMBER ENSEMBLE “Gnossiennes #1” (Satie) 4oct93 David Parlalo – bass, Arlen Asher – clarinet, Jerry Jensen – trumpet, John Trentacosta – percussion 7. TG3 “Time Waits” (TG) 22may00 Tom Guralnick – alto sax,  Steve Feld –  trombone,  Jefferson Voorhees – drums 8. MITCH RAYES poem “Bequest” 2july00 9. DAVE NIELSEN – bass, KURT HEYL – trombone, DAVE WAYNE – drums, “Happy Go Lucky” 8mar00 10. LISA GILL part XVIII

11. KANOA KALUHIWA TRIO “Power to the Trip” (KK) 14june00,  Kanoa – tenor sax, Jon Gagan – bass, Diego Arencon – drums, Chip Borton- engineer 12. J.A.DEANE “Welcome to the Future” (A.Huxley/Deane) July 2000 Dino – Prophet VS, Rod Harrison -voices 13. PROTUBERANCE “Friday the 13th” (Monk) 18sept99 Mark Weaver – tuba, Dave Wayne – drums, Paul Pulaski – guitar 14. LISA GILL part XXXV 15. MARK WEBER & JIMMY HAMM “Swirling Gas Rhythms” 21apr00 MW – poetry & digital delay, JH — clarinet & trumpet

16. MARTIAN FUNK (Manny Reuinger) “Dali’s Ants” 1984