ALBUzerxQUE Volume 3 | Zerx 030 | MP3

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All tunes recorded in New Mexico, except #1. Mastered by Quincy. All compositions ©2000 by the artists (unless otherwise noted). fRont cOver by Mark Weber. Back cover by Ben L. Hiatt. ZERX RECORDS, 725 Van Buren Place SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108


Tracklist: 1. STEFAN DILL & JOHN JASNOCH guitars “Dil-Jasnoch 1” Sheffield, England, 13nov97 2. STEVEN MILLER “The Flow of Time” 16july00 3. LISA GILL poem XXXVI from “Letters To A Dead Trappist”, 2july00 4. BONEFIED “Trombonisphere” 22may00 live at the Outpost, Steve Feld, Mark Weaver, J. A.Deane, Kurt Heyl, Gary Sherman – trombones, Jefferson Voorhees, drumset 5. BUBBADINOS “Walkin’ Through” 11june00 6. JAZZ CHAMBER ENSEMBLE “Gnossiennes #1” (Satie) 4oct93 David Parlalo – bass, Arlen Asher – clarinet, Jerry Jensen – trumpet, John Trentacosta – percussion 7. TG3 “Time Waits” (TG) 22may00 Tom Guralnick – alto sax,  Steve Feld –  trombone,  Jefferson Voorhees – drums 8. MITCH RAYES poem “Bequest” 2july00 9. DAVE NIELSEN – bass, KURT HEYL – trombone, DAVE WAYNE – drums, “Happy Go Lucky” 8mar00 10. LISA GILL part XVIII 11. KANOA KALUHIWA TRIO “Power to the Trip” (KK) 14june00,  Kanoa – tenor sax, Jon Gagan – bass, Diego Arencon – drums, Chip Borton- engineer 12. J.A.DEANE “Welcome to the Future” (A.Huxley/Deane) July 2000 Dino – Prophet VS, Rod Harrison -voices 13. PROTUBERANCE “Friday the 13th” (Monk) 18sept99 Mark Weaver – tuba, Dave Wayne – drums, Paul Pulaski – guitar 14. LISA GILL part XXXV 15. MARK WEBER & JIMMY HAMM “Swirling Gas Rhythms” 21apr00 MW – poetry & digital delay, JH — clarinet & trumpet 16. MARTIAN FUNK (Manny Reuinger) “Dali’s Ants” 1984


This download consists of one 98.11MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.